Child Sex Charges Filed Against 65 Year-Old Man

CLAYTON – An investigation by law enforcement officers has led to the arrest of a 65 year-old man. Stephen Erwin Dershem of Caledonia Lane, Clayton was arrested November 1 by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Dershem is charged with five counts of indecent liberties with a child and five counts of statutory sex offense.

On July 20, 2023, the victim who is now an adult, reported they were allegedly assaulted by Dershem in 2006 when they were a child.

Dershem was held on a half million dollar bond at the Johnston County Detention Center.


  1. “He is a white man, registered to vote in Johnston county and affiliated with the Republican Party since April 9 1992.”

    Not a drag queen or democrat.

    • They are not usually, if ever drag queens, as most not maga (i.e. sane, normal, not brain washed) people know. A majority, but never all, of course, are respected members in their community, like lawyers, pastors, Boy Scout leaders, teachers, business owners etc. Lately it seems many are republicans for some reason, but I am sure there are democrats and non affiliates in that list. The maga party just needs scare tactics to have people kicking down at others since they have no real policies to help the average American voter. Drag Queens and anyone in the LQBTQ+ community as never been an issue here in Joco. Giving someone equal rights is not taking away straight people rights, so no clue why anyone in Joco is worried…their white Christian national supremacy still reigns here….sadly. As an older white woman I hope I live long enough to see it fall though.

  2. Mr. Ronjon24 you are so right and I ask our social justice liberal progressive democrats why have they not joined our legal witch hunts? We now have George Soros DA’s that doesn’t require any physical evidence, just swear on thier fairy tale bible and sign a sworn warrant. Our legal system now will LOCK THEM REPUBLICANS UP!!! For real democrats look at this oppoturnity in history when no real physical evidense is needed to get our political opposition under a $500,000,00 bond with no more than a he said she said that was years in the past. So what if she should change her mind and not pursue it, where in the hell is he going to go and get his life and reputation back? Us democrats are laughing all the way to the secluded drop boxes with boxes of just found ballots!!! For real democrats, we should be seeing these stories on JOCO NEWS NETWORK many times a day!!! You have to love how easy destroying republicans has become!!!

  3. What’s sad is everything has to be tied to a political party for basis and that some of you can’t even see past that. Political party has nothing to do with a person’s choices.

    • Joking? No. I have acquaintances who are used to be friends who fell for the BS the Tucker Carlson was pushing. The replacement theory. These people are evangelicals, Christians, whatever you want to call them nowadays. They go to church with the preachers preach hate which is against everything that Jesus preached in the Bible. And these people still don’t believe that Jesus wasn’t white. So yes, Johnston County is full of white Christian nationalist supremacy. It’s everywhere , all you have to do is look and listen. That’s why they latched on to Donald Trump so quickly because he validated their hate for anyone who didn’t look like, or worshiped like them, or live their life like them. But they don’t realize is Donald Trump is nothing like them. One man I know and I’ve known him since he was maybe 10 he’s now in his 50s – he has a young daughter, maybe 13 or so, who is very overweight. And she was at the Trump rally when he came to The Farm. This kid was wrapped up head to toe in Trump regalia – not knowing in her teenage innocence that he would’ve called her every filthy name in the book just like he did Rosie O’Donnell and others just because of her weight.
      Y’all can stop worrying about drag queens , it’s a made up issue. Thank goodness the recent elections showed what real people are worried about. There are real issues like this man allegedly, because he hasn’t been convicted, sexually abusing a minor. There are many more alleged victims in JoCo alone from other abusers. We should all work together to get laws passed so there is no statute of limitations for all victims of sexual abuse,to get them the therapy they probably need, and as controversial as this may sound, the people who commit the abuse should also get therapy while in prison. As Rev. Wigmore stated, usually, not alway though, abusers have been abused themselves. While it does not change what they did, maybe it can help them understand why they did what they did.

  4. Older people who sexually abuse younger people, Generally were abused themselves by their own parents, strangers, or some type of Professional, and color has nothing to do with this at all. It has to do with generational actions done through their lineages. Most people can look into 3rd thru as much as 10 generations back and find some type of child abusers within their family generations. It is more common in the South than an other part of America. Like, I said color is not the issue here. But across the spectrum could find in all races this issue could be found. It is sad everyone thinks even the highway is racist.

    • My granddaughter was molested by her stepfather. She was young and didn’t tell us until much later and sadly cps or the sheriff department couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything to my ex son in law. I was telling my sister and brother in law, who still live in the state we were born and raised in, about this. My brother in law made the comment, he wondered if this (molestations, actual incest and even worse) was something that happened everywhere and even in “very expensive areas” like where they live or just in the “poor” areas of the world. I had just watched the Armie Hammer family documentary, plus I had seen and read other family stories to know that it happens everywhere unfortunately. It is not a rich or a poor issue. It is not a north or south issue. It’s not an east or west issue. I do wish I could remember the name of a documentary I watched about a now grown man who was molested by his uncle. His uncle also molested this man’s father And the fathers brothers, just about every male in the family basically so yes, it was a generational issue. The man doing the documentary who I think was very brave to do so underwent years of therapy, and he vowed to break the years of dysfunction that this family obviously had. It is like with a bully. Most bullies have been bullied. Obviously molestation is much worse so I’m not comparing this like apples to apples no. Sexual abuse is vastly done by someone that you trust and they prey upon that trust. while we should always tell our children to be wary of strangers, it’s rarely a stranger that harms our children, it’s someone that we willingly bring into our life or home or someone who is already there. While it shouldn’t be political, the far right has made it that way. I am older, so I have friends that were molested by members of the clergy, babysitters,and also one that was molested by the leader of their Boy Scout troop- as well as friends who were molested by members of their own family. To this day, I don’t know of anyone molested by a drag queen, nor was anybody molested by anybody that was part of the LBGTQ+ community – all the men, and there was one female (the babysitter) that did these horrible things were straight. So we need to stop kicking down on a group of people that are not responsible for these actions, because certain people don’t like their lifestyle. Their lifestyle does not make them pedophiles. Look at the statistics and there’s your proof. Unfortunately, most of these Maga Republicans refuse to look at data and statistics and facts and that is what I have a problem with, and that is why I bring politics into it. Most people are good people, but there are bad people. Someone can be a policeman, and still be a bad person, someone can be a pastor, and still be a bad person, someone can be on the town council and be a bad person. And yes, any nationality ethnicity, all countries, etc. deal with this issue. Sadly, back in medieval times incest use to be normal, especially in the upper crust, royal families – even through the times of Queen Victoria. But to wrap this up, I am sure there are a lot more victims in Johnston County than anyone will ever know of. People are ashamed to speak on this subject, and we need to make it more accessible and not such a taboo subject. But when you can’t even mention the word sex in school, it’s kind of hard for kids to feel comfortable talking about it to their teachers or anyone they may trust.

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