Law Firm Will Investigate School Environment Following Racism And Bullying Allegations

PRINCETON – More than a month after reports surfaced alleging racism and bullying at Princeton School, Johnston County Public Schools Board Chairman Todd Sutton has issued a response. Sutton says the school board’s law firm will conduct a broad investigation and make recommendations to the board of education.

On October 26th, ABC11 reported that a student, Brooklyn Edwards, said she had been called racial slurs and claimed tensions were high between white and black students at the school. “[I’ve been] called the N-word … a monkey, told to pick cotton,” the 15 year-old student alleged in the TV interview.

Afterwards, the Johnston County NAACP and African American Caucus of the Johnston County Democratic Party said they would be closely monitor the situation and called upon the JCPS administration to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure accountability for any students involved in the alleged bullying as well as any staff who failed to respond appropriately.

“Black students are too often the victims of racial bullying that is ignored or handled improperly,” said Dr. Gettys Cohen, president of NAACP-Johnston County Branch said in October. “The experiences are numerous and deserve attention. Black students who react to bullying are oftentimes the ones who suffer the consequences.”

“The school system administration’s effort is lacking and its follow-through at times has been lacking when it comes to initiators being disciplined,” said Angelique Legette, president of the African American Caucus of the Johnston County Democratic Party.

Tuesday night, Chairman Sutton read from a prepared statement saying in part, “We have heard the concern brought before us by several members of the Princeton community. We are appreciative of our administrative team at Princeton Middle/High and the work that they do on a daily basis. Please know that as a school district, we want to provide a safe and harmonious place for all of our students and staff.”

“Our school administrators thoroughly investigate any incident that is reported on our campuses. Johnston County Public Schools has a very close working relationship with our local law enforcement, and we involve them in an investigation anytime it is deemed necessary. In most instances, these investigations could involve student discipline or confidential information pertaining to our students and will not be shared publicly.”

“The Board of Education will not tolerate racist bullying or harassment in our schools. Our school administration has reviewed the most recent reports of racist harassment at Princeton Middle/High. However, to make sure that we understand how students have been treated at Princeton, we have asked our law firm for a broader investigation into the school environment and for recommendations on how to ensure a positive school environment for all students and staff.”

“We encourage our students to speak up if they witness or experience anything that makes them feel uncomfortable while in the school setting. We have means of anonymous reporting that have been made available to our students over the last several years. As previously stated, any incidents that are reported to our administrative teams are investigated promptly and thoroughly.”

“Please hear us in saying that we take all allegations of racism, harassment, and bullying occurring in our schools seriously,” Chairman Sutton stated.

“Johnston County is changing, and Black and other minority children should be able to attend school without the fear of racist bullying so that they can focus on their education,” Legette said in October. “Students must also have confidence that school administrators will establish and enforce policies to include and protect them.”

“Johnston County Public Schools must stand up for its students and immediately institute and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for racism, discrimination, and harassment,” Dr. Cohen said in October.


  1. As a parent of a 4th year student at Princeton High School, I have never seen or heard of any racial tensions at the school or in any school activities. Princeton is a highly sought after school in Johnston County. I personally moved from Wayne County just to have my child in Princeton School. This is absurd! All high schools have cliques and social groups, but Princeton High School as a whole is close knit among the students with a very welcoming environment. The media has blown this ant hill into Mount St. Helens, as usual, and, as usual, the people are buying it. Ask the students that go there. Ask the teachers that teach there. Ask the parents that have kids there. I’m sure you will find that a large majority agree with me.

    • I totally agree with you… As a lifelong member of the Princeton Community, I have seen the interactions of Both races on and off the school grounds. I find the allegations to be something that MIGHT have occurred during a passing joke ( which ALL Races do ) and it has gotten some attention from higher ups. As my daddy says, “ the more you stir it, the more it stinks “ and THAT is what the news media is doing . Along with some narrow minded adults who have too much time on their hands. Ask how many White, Hispanic, Asian or Mixed students have been called names by the Black or White Students I would the response on THAT ..

  2. Parents you better make sure the powers to be at the Princeton School understands that no legal representation are to question your kids without you present and without your permission. Todd Sutton is known for bullying by using his personal attorney to send lawyer scare letters to his constituents that have so-called talked bad about him online. If such a meeting was ever to take place I would then ask for my legal council to be present as well. They are so many easy and inexpensive wrenches that can be thrown into this socialist/communist style of intimidation. Remember Todd Sutton was way ahead of the Biden Administration in using the legal system to shut down your free speech.

  3. I’m glad the article from ABC11 was referenced. After reading about her actions over someone carrying a Trump flag immediately draws suspicion into her claim. I, for one, do not believe her. Sounds like someone trying to race bait and push a political agenda. Maybe the investigation will shed more light on what is actually happening.

  4. Where was the Johnston County NAACP and African American Caucus of the Johnston County Democratic Party when 4 all black female students jumped SRO Officer Baily at NJHS for a Tic Toc challenge. They did not question what happened but if any punishment to the students had been given, the card would be pulled and the SRO officer would of been fired. No question would of been ask nor investigation would of been conducted she would of been just fired.

  5. Racism….is evident……in the abundance of race specific organizations (like the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, Black Engineers of America, etc, etc, etc in multiple dozens) that are allowed to flourish in segregation.

  6. This is a big problem in ALL JOHNSTON COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THE RACISM THE BULLING IT GOES ON AT ALOT OF THE SCHOOLS. But not every parent is calling and I find this statement to be actually facts.. “The experiences are numerous and deserve attention. Black students who react to bullying are oftentimes the ones who suffer the consequences.” I’m a white mother and I know this to be all so very true. It’s very sad. Sad that everyone goes to say oh there pulling the race card but in reality. The “white kids” believe they are privileged and are superior and they are not. Everyone should be treated with respect why is that so f**king hard to teach our kids that!!!!

    • Ms. Ohimom1, can you be more specific on the claims you are trying to make or is it that you are from Ohio and just not use to seeing the TRUMP flags and MAGA hats along with the Confederate flags? We are and will always will be proud of and remember our dead soldiers no matter the war they lost thier lives in. It sounds as if someone is from a different political belief than yours, you feel the justification at using the wothless race card? Racism is a worhtless defense now days. It has been destroyed by the lying girl or boy that yelled wolf until it’s meaning is absolutely wothless.

      • Your rebel flag should be relegated to the rubbish bin. I’m a northerner, conservative and voted for Trump twice. There are many conservatives up North. That being said, admiring a flag which represents rebellion, adopted by KKKluckers and the needless loss of over half a million American men is NOT part and parcel of being a conservative. The quicker conservatives distance themselves from that rebel rag the better.

        Admire your ancestors’ bravery. Condemn the cause they fought for, though.

        • At its roots the Civil War was about states rights not slavery itself. Yes slavery was wrapped up in that but the real issue was states rights vs federal… something we all need to go back and review as the federal mandates get issued.

    • With all due respect, the young lady making the claim referenced the Trump flag as “taunting” her as part of the racial bullying. It becomes political when people start trying to redefine the definition of racism into something it’s not and use a flag that has no proven racial bias as a form of racial bullying. Unfortunately, based on this young lady’s behavior and actions her claims are highly questionable, but if there is bullying, it needs to stop.

  7. Rev. Dr. Oneal,Jr you and the NAACP along with the complainants are going to be so disappointed and discouraged when you finally realize what Mr.Todd Sutton is doing here is a grand scale dog and pony show to benefit only him. That’s right Dr. Oneal, Jr, I should not feel sorry for those of you that claim civil rights has been destroyed to push your political narrative, but in the end no real investigation will have never taken place and not even a suspension will happen. Then your outrage will be authentic.

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