Leaders Of New Smithfield Church Want To Make A Difference

lifespring-3There are many churches in and around Smithfield. You could figuratively throw a rock and hit a church (not that you should). One could even argue that Smithfield doesn’t need another church.

So why start a new church in Smithfield?

It’s a question the pastors of LifeSpring, a new church that will begin meeting at JCC this Sunday, September 18th, receive frequently.

“I would actually agree that the last thing Smithfield needs is another place where people simply gather on Sunday morning,” said Lead Pastor Dillon Schupp. “If that is all we accomplish, then that is not a worthwhile mission.”

“Our goal is not to start a church – our goal is to make a difference. To be a church that is not just ‘in’ Smithfield, lifespring-2but a church that is ‘for’ Smithfield. We believe that happens as we serve our community and as we create a space where people can feel like they are loved and they belong regardless of what they believe or how they behave.”

This is important, according to Pastor Schupp, because LifeSpring’s mission is to reach people who are not already connected to a church. That mission drives how they do church, from the laid back, casual, atmosphere to the upbeat, energetic style of music. And you won’t see a suit-and-tie-wearing preacher here. Pastor Schupp will usually be seen wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.

It’s also a church that places a tremendous emphasis on connecting families to a local church. Each Sunday morning during service, LifeKids happens for children from birth-5th grade. The goal, according to Mark Stevens, LifeSpring’s Executive Pastor of Ministries, is to make sure that kids have fun in church.

“We believe that making a difference in our community starts with making a difference in the lives of the next generation,” stated Pastor Stevens. “And we believe the way to effectively reach the next generation as a church is to make sure that church is a place children have fun, love to come to, and where they learn about Jesus in a way that connects with them.”

lifespring-logoLifeSpring also has a special environment for nursing moms, where moms can watch the entire Sunday Experience on a TV in a quiet, mom and baby friendly room, complete with a changing table.

LifeSpring’s first Sunday morning Experience will be this Sunday September 18th at 10 AM. They will meet in the Wilson Building at Johnston Community College. To learn more about LifeSpring, visit them online at LifeSpringNC.com.