Looking For A Job? Local Police Chief Says “We’re Hiring”

WILSON’S MILLS – If you are looking for a job, a local police chief says he is hiring. Wilson’s Mills Police Chief A.Z. Williams said the small Johnston County town is experience rapid growth. The department has a combined 17 full- and part-time officers and more are needed.

“Whether you know it or not, Wilson’s Mills is experiencing phenomenal growth,” Chief Williams told The Johnston County Report.

In October, the police department swore in three new officers in an effort Chief Williams said was “to ramp up my department ahead of the anticipated wave of new residents.”

“When I tell people our officer count, they can’t believe it. They remember the little ‘ole Wilson’s Mills that they grew up with.”

Wilson’s Mills Police Chief A.Z. Williams (center) stands with officers Daniel Wright (left) and Nelson Robinson (right) who were sworn in to the police force in October.

Times have definitely changed. The latest figures show growth for the town may exceed 10,000 to 12,000 within a few years. As a result Chief Williams has been preparing his staff and the Town Council for requests of increases in its personnel size; enough to handle the increased workload and inevitable rise in calls for service.

With a low crime rate and anticipated new commercial and residential growth, the police department has boosted its hiring salary range to a very competitive $41,392 – $50,499 depending upon experience and certifications. Part-time pay is $19.90 per hour

To be on par with other similar sized communities, Chief Williams said that his department needs to almost double in size. “It’s gonna take some time, but we all know what has to be done.”

Williams is in search of dedicated individuals who have strong character and is interested in a law enforcement career. “Despite the negative media that law enforcement often receives today, from a career and monetary standpoint, the opportunities are limitless if you are a good officer.”

If you’d like to learn more about what the Wilson’s Mills Police Department has to offer, contact Chief Williams at 919-938-3885 Extension 24.