Man Recently Released From Prison Rearrested

A 35 year-old man recently released from prison was arrested Thursday morning after police said he broke into a home on Hancock Street.

Authorities don’t know if Wesley Curry was just looking for a place to sleep but did say he was homeless. Curry was found inside the vacant home around 8:00am after the landlord went to check on his property and found someone inside. The landlord called Smithfield Police who found Curry inside.

Curry was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering and transported to the Johnston County Jail.

According to the NC Department of Corrections website, Curry was released from prison on January 21st after serving three years behind bars for habitual larceny. Curry has prior convictions for breaking and entering, larceny, assault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, selling narcotics, and attempted shoplifting. His criminal record dates back to 1998.