Man Said He Was Robbed With Father’s Stolen Gun

Authorities are investigating an armed robbery near Four Oaks. The incident happened Tuesday but was not reported until Wednesday.

A 21 year-old Durham man said he borrowed his father’s pickup truck to help two people he had recently met move to a home on Highway 301 just north of Four Oaks. The man said he didn’t realize his father had left a handgun in the truck. When he went to look for the weapon it was missing.

The victim said he contacted the couple he had helped move in an attempt to find the gun. The female said she had the weapon but would only return it if he paid $110. The Durham man said he drove to Four Oaks to retrieve his father’s gun only to arrive at the home and be held at gunpoint by the woman and then robbed.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has assigned investigators to the case. The 21 year-old victim was not injured. His father’s stolen 38 caliber handgun has also not been recovered.