Man With Steel Bar Caught Vandalizing Patrol Car At Johnston County Courthouse

SMITHFIELD – A 25 year-old man is facing charges after he was reportedly caught vandalizing an unmarked patrol car in the law enforcement parking lot at the Johnston County Courthouse. Around 3 o’clock Friday afternoon, the suspect reportedly walked up to unoccupied Dodge Charger, produced a steel bar, similar to a crowbar, and began smashing out the driver’s side window.

A few parking spaces away, a sheriff’s deputy was sitting in his marked cruiser, and witnessed the vandalism in progress. The deputy immediately approached the suspect, identified as Jackson Davis Burney of Riegelwood, NC, and ordered him repeatedly to drop the steel bar. Burney allegedly refused.

The deputy attempted to detain Burney, and during a scuffle tased the 25 year-old suspect. The deputy sustained minor injuries during the arrest.

Burney was charged with felony assault causing physical injury on a law enforcement officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, and two counts of injury to personal property. One count was for the damage to the patrol car window. The second count was for the deputy’s uniform pants that were torn during the struggle.

Authorities said they have not been able to determine a motive for the patrol car vandalism, or why the Columbus County man was at the Johnston County Courthouse, which was occupied and open for business at the time.

Burney was booked into the Johnston County Jail Friday afternoon. Following a first court appearance Monday, he was granted a court-appointed attorney. At last check today (Tuesday), Burney was still being held under a $50,000 secured bond.


  1. According to LinkedIn, it appears he minored in criminology. Looks like he changed that to a major in crime.

  2. $ 50,000 bail, now that’s what I am talking about. Thats a good Judge. Hope the Deputy recovers. Now the only thing I don’t understand is this punk damages a patrol car that cost the taxpayers money, gets a court-appointed attorney that cost the taxpayers money, injures a Deputy that cost the taxpayers money, What the H*LL????

  3. He obviously needed somewhere to stay and wanted to go to jail. I think his bond is way too low. He should also pay for having the patrol car fixed. I’m glad the officer is okay. This person needs to be in jail for a long time. Just my opinion tho.

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