Mobile Outreach Unit’s First Assignment: Treating Patients Newly Diagnosed With COVID-19

Johnston Health’s brand new mobile outreach unit arrived Wednesday.

SMITHFIELD – Within hours of being delivered Wednesday, Johnston Health’s brand new mobile outreach unit was called to action. Starting Monday, it will be part of the hospital’s stand-up clinic at Benson Health to treat patients with COVID-19.

Leah Johnson, community outreach coordinator for Johnston Health, will oversee and coordinate activities for the unit. “It’s so exciting to see the possibilities,” she says. “We started our outreach program four years ago with glucose screenings, and it’s evolved into this amazing opportunity to offer more impactful programs. We’re grateful for the community’s support and the hard work of the foundation to bring this project to fruition.”

Initial support for the unit came from lead donors such as First Citizens Bank and David Janis and the Janis Family Fund. And once word got out about the initiative, public support grew through online donations, fundraisers and more.

Altogether, the Johnston Health Foundation exceeded its initial funding goal of $450,000, raising a total of $526,000 by January 2021. A community outreach fund will help sustain and grow the program.

The foundation is producing a video that will include interviews with donors, a tour of the bus as well as a preview of what services will be offered. It will be shared on social media and other news outlets. 


  1. I read everything available to JoCo residents but I never heard of this until now. Why isn’t there more local news about such?
    Sure would increase fundraising.
    Missed opportunities for funding.
    Just don’t get it.

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