Update: Service To 911 Centers Restored

Update 2:15pm  – Service to 911 Centers in North Carolina and the Southeast has been restored. At this time the cause of the interruption is not know but an analysis is underway

SMITHFIELD – Multiple telephone and cell phone carriers in the Southeastern United States are reporting intermittent problems dialing 911.

The problem has been reported today (Thursday) across several states.   The intermittent issues include both wireline and wireless networks across the entire southeastern portion of the country.

Johnston County 911 Director Jason Barbour said there are no known issues in Johnston County, but he wants the public to know about the possible issue.

“If you dial 911 and its not successful try texting,” Barbour said. “If texting is not an option try our 10-digital emergency number at 919-934-9411.”

Carriers are addressing the issues and are working toward a resolution.

Barbour said there is no estimated time when the issue will be resolved or what has caused the problem.  Barbour said it has nothing to do with the phone equipment in Johnston County or the local 911 Center.