Murder Suspect Facing Additional Charge

Kenneth Jake Dawson is shown during his first appearance in court April 1, 2024. Photo by John Payne

BENSON – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has filed a new charge against a Benson man accused of fatally shooting his father.

Kenneth Jake Dawson was arrested Friday night for murder after he reportedly gunned down Kenneth Wayne Dawson, age 50, inside the family home at 2493 NC Highway 242 North.

Kenneth Jake Dawson was charged Monday afternoon with manufacturing marijuana. Authorities said while investigating the homicide they discovered a home marijuana growing operation in the garage. Several marijuana plants were seized from the indoor grow.

The 20 year-old suspect made his first court appearance Monday. A judge denied bond but granted the defendant a court appointed attorney.


  1. I hope and pray Jake does not get out of jail due to his thinking that “he will get out of it” attitude. Supposedly, he was telling his mother that “he would get out of it” as she was trying to perform CPR on her husband. From speaking with family, he has always gotten out of any trouble he had been in. Maybe the detectives need to talk with his grandmother and see what she has to say.

      • “JustMe” & “Beachgirl”…..The name says it all, does it not!? ….SMH

        That has got to be some of the most insensitive, inconsiderate, ignorant, and completely unnecessary comments to post regarding such a heartless and utterly devastating act in a situation that you know obviously absolutely nothing about. At a time when we all, you two dipsh*ts included have the opportunity to reach out to this poor family or whats left of it with any amount of love and support we can possibly muster and it’ll take the whole community and then some to help lift this woman outta the depths of hell that she now finds herself in and thats the best you got!? Da*n shame ******* are wasted on good folks everyday and were left with more and more self centered inconsiderate pompous arse’s like yourself to communicate with and turn to in times of crisis and darkness…..when love and light is all that will do some moron like yourself somehow shines thru…you’re cell phone privliges and wifi service should be revoked untill you have proven to be of some significant contribution to not only your friends and neighbors but for the rest of us out here on the world wide web who are subjected to reading this kinda crap daily. I pray that even as far gone as you obviously are in terms of being an asset in this world for the rest of us that God truley does have a plan for us all although as resourceful as i am….have yet to come up with even the slightest of a possible use for one such as yourself. Whatever it is im sure he’ll have you out front of the rest of us when the sh*t hits the fan. The term “cannon fodder” is all that comes to mind when thinking of you and folks alike, if your not familiar with the word look it up it may give some purpose in your life…That being said Let us pray for this woman, her family including her son who obviously needs prayer the most out of all involved, and her friends who have the duty, and who accept the obligation, and who will ultimately attempt to help cary the burden this boy has brought upon them all through the years in hopes of reaching salvation. Please God watch over these and those lost souls who need your guidance so desperately in the darkest of days which lye ahead. May your light pierce thru the deils vail which has all but consumed them now and guide them back home to you so they may find peace in this mans passing and we pray that he may have already made his way to you in heaven in jesus name we pray, 🙏 Amen.

        • well said sir…Ken was a good Christian man. There is no doubt in my mind or heart that he is in heaven with Jesus……all we can do now is pray for Christy and the rest of the family…

        • @DarkHorseman…my heart broke after reading your comment. I totally agree with every word you said. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. But sadly, many carry hard, cold, ruthless hearts. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain felt by this mother, wife. My love and prayers go out to her. Thank you, DarkHorseman for such a heartfelt comment. I would say you won comment of the century but sadly there are no real winners here. Have a blessed day .

    • That is really nobody’s business. I am sure the family told you in confidence not thinking you were going to spread it to the world!!

  2. My heart goes out to his mother and the entire family. The images in his mother’s mind from that night will never go away. God bless her heart and soul every day. I too hope Jake spends his entire life behind bars. His father did not deserve to die in his own home. Although, I did not know him personally, but I was told by many that he was a hardworking fine man. A man that lost his life due to a son that felt he was obviously entitled – perhaps now he will get a taste of life behind bars. He surely will not be in charge there.

  3. This mother has lost everything. She lost her daughter back in 2014 due to a drunk driver. And now in 1 night lost her husband and Son. Yes the Son is still alive but he is not there for her as he caused this pain she has. It is a sad story for sure. And NO mother should EVER have to go through the pain she has in her life.

    • Oh man. Thats a lot for anyone to handle. I have no words. I hope and pray she has people showing up for her daily. She’s going to need so much support I cannot fathom the heartache and grief- and vast amount of emotions she is sorting through. So sad. How much can one person really handle? She’s lost everyone 🙁

  4. Prayers for all. May grace and love abound over evil. In other words, may this pain eventually bring purpose and hope. When darkness falls upon your own family, it’s devastating. Humankind fails desperately but we have a hope and a better future when we love one another and love ourselves through Christ it’s all possible.

  5. Could it be this hole sad situation was caused by bad parenting? Apparently the kid never had to face any consequences in the past according to the post of people that know the family, sounds like the parents got him out of everything.

  6. Unless you’re put in these circumstances don’t throw stones in a glass house. You raise your children your way and they raised their kids in their way. No one is right or wrong except in someone else’s eyes. I feel the best thing to do is pray for them all for the best outcome and clean your backyard before jumping in someone else’s. People that make remarks like this after a loss is usually the envious ones. Jealous they can’t be like the ones they’re talking about! May God bless her while she deals with her losses, along with these cutting and ignorant remarks.

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