Nash County Sheriff’s Office Installing Flock Safety Cameras To Solve And Prevent Crime

NASHVILLE, NC — The Nash County Sheriff’s Office is taking an active role in preventing and solving crime by installing Flock Safety Automated License Plate Reading (ALPR) cameras.

Flock Safety ALPR cameras help law enforcement investigate crime by providing objective evidence that can be transformed into actionable leads. They capture license plates and vehicle characteristics, not people or faces. Flock Safety cameras have been shown to reduce crime by up to 70%.

Nash County Sheriff’s Office will use the Flock Safety system for both proactive and reactive crime fighting. The ALPR network delivers real-time alerts to law enforcement when a stolen or wanted vehicle has passed a camera. The license plate readers can also alert officers if a vehicle associated with a missing person in an AMBER or Silver Alert is detected.

When investigating a crime, Flock Safety cameras detect and decode objective leads for law enforcement using Vehicle FingerprintTM technology, which identifies the make, vehicle type, color, license plate (full, partial, or missing), license plate state, and unique vehicle features like roof rack, trailer hitch, tinted windows, and more.

“From an investigative and proactive standpoint, we are excited to have another tool to assist us and other law enforcement agencies in being more efficient and significantly more accurate when combating crime.” said Chief Deputy Brandon Medina of the Nash County Sheriff’s Office.

Flock Safety cameras are not used for traffic enforcement and do not include facial recognition capabilities. The data is never sold or shared with third parties, and every search conducted by the system requires an auditable search justification. The footage is securely stored in the cloud and automatically deleted every 30 days, by default.

About Flock Safety
Flock Safety is the first public safety operating system that powers 1,500 cities to capture objective evidence, make it actionable with machine learning, and deliver it directly into the hands that stop crime. Visit for more information.