New Pavement Method Expected To Reduce Hydroplaning

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Some sections of pavement will soon look different on Interstate 40 in Johnston County for a good reason.

New pavement meant to reduce hydroplaning

The N.C. Department of Transportation and university research partners are developing new methods and practices to enhance skid resistance along our highways. One of the strategies being evaluated is shotblasting the final pavement surface, generating more texture on the surface to allow for better drainage during wet weather events and enhancing frictional forces between the tire and pavement. Both benefits will work together to aid in the reduction of hydroplaning incidents.

This method has been used on new pavement that is set to open to traffic within the next few weeks, at which time drivers can expect to see discoloration in the asphalt along the I-40 project between Southeast Raleigh and Clayton. The discoloration does not indicate problematic pavement. The shotblasting machine collects dust and contaminants during the process and does not use chemical products or wastewater.

Information concerning the timing of new pavement strategy will be update on as soon as possible.


  1. How about making the lanes smooth and go back to using reflective paint so drivers can at least see where they are on the road. Sad to think that the roads we had 20+ years ago were better than the ones we have now.

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