New Single Family Home Starts Were Down In 2023

Townhome Permits Doubled

JOHNSTON COUNTY – The economy, interest rates, and higher construction costs all contributed to a drop in new single family home construction in Johnston County in 2023.

According to statistics from the Johnston County Inspections Department, 1612 permits were issued for new homes in unincorporated areas of the county last year, down from 2,232 in 2022, a 28 percent decrease.

At the same town, permits for new townhomes more than doubled from 136 in 2022 to 295 in 2023.

Doublewide home permits were up slightly from 101 in 2022 to 113 in 2023. Singlewide and modular home permits declined.

Commercial construction remained basically unchanged, from 118 permits in 2022 to 113 permits in 2023.

In 2022, the inspections department approved permits valued at $1,043,704,307 and collected $3,983,450.43 in fees. Last year, permits valued at $824,611,704 were issued and $3,508,299.86 in fees were collected.


  1. Maybe but not apartment or townhomes. Go to Percy flowers area and Riverwood and east of buffaloe and 42. Overcrowded without the infrastructure to support it. It is a cancer. Approval for apartment dwellings should be should be halted. Of course, when one of the commissioners son is a main builder… it’s kind of hard to stop.

    • Not yet it hasn’t but it sure will. And that’s the plan. Crash the economy so people will have no choice but to accept their “Great Reset” and global governance.

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