Off-Duty Clayton Police Officer Arrested For Driving While Impaired

CLAYTON – A Clayton police officer was arrested Thanksgiving night, while off-duty, for driving while impaired. Rodney Louis Barbour Jr. of Selma was arrested by a Johnston County state trooper during a traffic around 7:30pm Thursday, November 23, on US 70 Business, east of Smithfield.

According to court records, Barbour registered 0.13 on the Breathalyzer, which is above the legal limit of 0.08. He was also cited by Trooper J.F. Deal for driving without liability insurance and driving left of center.

Clayton Police Chief Greg Tart said once the police department was made aware of Officer Barbour’s arrest, and he was released from custody at the Johnston County Detention Center, he was immediately suspended from his position as a police officer pending an internal investigation.

Officer Barbour submitted his resignation letter that same night, effective November 23.

Barbour had been employed with the Clayton Police Department since November 2021 and was assigned to the patrol division.

Chief Tart said Officer Barbour was not scheduled to work on November 23.


  1. As someone with lots of family in Law enforcement…what an absolute a**hole. NO ONE should drive above the legal limit, and the fact that this guy was a cop and did it is outrageous. Huge thank you to the arresting officer, who could have chosen let him go. Did the right thing.

  2. Good job to Trooper J.F. Deal for sticking to the letter of law. I am sure you had a hard choice to make but you did the right thing. I have the world of respect for you. As for the X Clayton officer, Rodney Barbour Jr. he needs to have his certification revoked for good. For shame, you disgrace all LEOs who have been working hard to get back the trust of the public from all the negative publicity.

  3. No condoning his actions, But a deputy can drive almost 100 mph pass at an intersection hit and kill an innocent person… an no charges filed. 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Everyone makes mistakes. You can’t fathom the consequences and fall out he’s facing. No one can punish him
    to the extent that he is punishing himself right now. I hope he can recover mentally, personally, and professionally. I back the blue, all the blue involved in this matter. Stay in the fight Rodney.

    • I agree. Yes he made a bad choice but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. I’ve known him for over 15 years and he’s always been a great guy. Wonderful family and everything. He made a mistake and he owns it

      • Please, spare me. He was (and hopefully it stays that way- WAS) a police officer. He knew better and CHOSE to get behind the wheel intoxicated. He decided that other people’s lives weren’t important. That’s the only rationale for driving drunk. And the fact that he did it as an officer shows a disgusting amount of ego. He thought he’d get away with it. I don’t care how “good a guy” he is, or how great his family is. He made a selfish choice, and is a garbage human for putting other at risk.
        And yes, I can fathom what he’s going through because my husband, BIL, college roommate, and 2 uncles who all worked in law enforcement saw coworkers lose their jobs over decisions like this. It’s shameful and he deserves every bit of it.
        And to Regular Guy- “Back the Blue” even when they break the law like this is the reason people hate police culture, supporting and protecting each other even when they’re wrong. Good cops call out bad cops. Not defend them.

  5. Bottom line, this is a man that was a public servant and betrayed the trust of the public and he may be a nice guy but even a happy drunk can kill someone. This is a man that has arrested many other people for DUI and what is good for one is good for all and I stand by the Trooper. By the way, my family is made up of blue. I was the odd ball and was FDNY.

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