Parents Demand Immediate Action After Possible Mold Found In Leaky Classrooms

Parents of students who attend Westview Elementary School on Cleveland Road are demanding immediate action from Johnston County school officials.

An online petition drive was started after parents said mobile units at the school were deteriorating.  “Rotten floors, ceilings collapsing, and the worst is black mold,” said the online petition. “Our children deserve better! They have a right to be in a cleanly and safe environment during the school day. This is not acceptable.”   The issues were reported in two mobile classrooms used by students.

JoCoReport reached out to Superintendent Dr. Jim Causby this afternoon. Dr. Causby said his staff is on top of the situation and necessary action was being implemented.

In an email, Dolores Gill, Chief of Staff and Communications, told JoCoReport, “JCPS Facility Services has been working with West View Elementary school administration regarding roof leaks in two mobile units which house fifth grade students at the school. These two units in question are rental units.”

“We became aware of these issues related to one of the mobile units yesterday.  We contacted the rental company to assess and begin repairs on the roof leak which has caused a hole in the ceiling this weekend during the rain. The second mobile unit has a roof leak we found during inspection which caused wall damage. Both of these are being addressed today with a temporary patch due to impending weather. A permanent solution will begin tomorrow on the classroom repairs and the roof repairs will begin during this week dependent on dry weather conditions. There are no students in these rooms during these repairs,” Gill said.

“We will implement all necessary steps to ensure that the repairs and air quality of these units are taken care of in a prompt and effective manner. We appreciate the collaboration with West View Elementary administration, Facility Services in JCPS, and with the rental company as necessary repairs are made,” Gill said.

“The educational environment for our students is crucial and important. School administration is communicating with the parents of the students in these classroom mobile units,” Gill added.

Out of abundance of caution, fifth grade students who normally attend classes in the two mobile units have been relocated to other parts of the school until the repairs are made and air quality tests have been completed.  Officials said short-term repairs are already underway today and ongoing and more permanent repairs will continue throughout the week.