Police: 2 Year-Old Injured As Shoplifting Mom Flees Store

A woman is facing child abuse charges following a shoplifting incident at a Smithfield business.

Around 12:45pm Thursday, Smithfield Police said they were called to Wal-Mart on North Brightleaf Boulevard after a loss prevention officer with the company reportedly saw a woman concealing items.  When the employee confronted the woman, identified as Dannell Marie Sisson, 25, of Melba Lane, Dunn, she ran.

Dannell-Marie-Sisson-FIPolice Captain R.K. Powell said Sisson had her 2 year-old daughter with her at the time. While attempting to flee on foot she dropped the young girl, picked the child back up and continued to run, Captain Powell told WTSB News. While attempt to elude apprehension, Sisson allegedly ran through a group of thick briars causing the child to sustain several scratches.

Sisson was eventually detained and charged with larceny and child abuse.   $27.29 worth of makeup and paint Sisson reportedly tried to steal was recovered.

Captain Powell said the Johnston County Department of Social Services was notified about the incident.  Her daughter was turned over to the custody of a family members.

Sisson was taken to jail and given a $2,500 bond.