Police Investigating Another Dog Bite Complaint

Smithfield Police and Smithfield Animal Control are investigating another dog bite complaint.  It’s the third reported incident in as many weeks and the fourth since March.

On May 5th, a 39 year-old woman said she was unloading groceries from a car in her driveway on S. Sussex Drive when she was bitten by a neighbor’s dog that was running at large.  The victim was bitten in the hand and received minor injuries but did not require medical treatment. The dog has been quarantined with its owner.

On May 2nd, a Raleigh couple was bitten by a dog while walking on the Neuse River Greenway trail near N. Front Street.  The dog had gotten away from its owner.

And on April 20th, a 4 year-old child was attacked by a dog running loose in her neighborhood in the 1900 block of S. Brightleaf Boulevard.

On March 20th, a dog attempted to bite a Smithfield Police officer responded to a call for service at Becky’s Log Cabin Motel at 2491 Highway 70 East. The officer tased the dog and it ran away.  The owner was later cited for a leash law violation.

Police Chief Keith Powell says nicer weather and more people being outdoors is causing more interaction between people and pets. “Thankfully, the weather has started to warm up and people are getting outside to enjoy the weather. Also with the ongoing COVID 19 more people are unfortunately out of work and have the time to enjoy outdoor activities, which allow for more interaction with other people and their pets. Please be careful when exercising your pets and make sure to have them restrained with the appropriate harness and leash. It is required by Town Ordinance that all dogs be leashed when they are being walked in town.”

In June 2019, a 6 year-old was injured when a mixed breed pit bull broke free from its leash and bit the child. The juvenile was treated and released at the hospital.