Public Library of Johnston County Wins ‘Love Your Library’ Contest

By Kaitlyn Peedin

The Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield is a winner of the Sirsi-Dynix Love Your Library Contest. A patron of the Library, identified only as Sarah, wrote in her story that the library is a quintessential example to other libraries on how “a building meant to house books can instead house a community.”

In her story Sarah highlights the many ways in which the library continues to evolve, offering more educational opportunities then just books have to offer. Sarah commends the library on its push for programs, community events, and clubs that it offers to patrons. She mentions basic internet classes, origami classes, literacy events, and SAT/ACT prep classes.

Also, Food for Fines Week is a way that the library gives back to the community. This event offers patrons the opportunity to bring in non-perishable food items for their fines. In return the food is given to the Smithfield Rescue Mission.

Sarah remembers attending story time with her sister as a child and although she claims her use of the library has changed, she claims the library provides just as many services, if not more, then when she was young.

As a prize for winning the Sirsi-Dynix Love Your Library Contest, the Public Library of Johnston County will receive a $250 donation.