Rains Family Donates $100,000, Challenges Others To Contribute

(Left to right) Vicky and Donald Rains, their daughter, Anna, and Hope Dougherty, Chairperson of the Princeton Library.

PRINCETON – Don and Vicky Rains recently donated $100,000 to the Princeton Public Library and construction of the new Community Center in Princeton.

While making the generous donation, Mr. Rains challenged others to contribute, saying he will match the amount up to an additional $100,000.

The former mayor of Princeton said giving back is the philosophy the Rains Family believes in doing.


  1. So why not just go ahead and donate another $100,000 instead of saying you would match an amount up to that?

    • Your negativity is embarrassing. A good man and family doing a good deed and now they suffer your ignorance. Be grateful that there are people who do such good deeds as this, not for themselves, but for all of us.

    • Encouraging others to donate by providing matching funds is fantastic. If another $100,000 is raised, then it’s matched, bringing a total of $300,000 donated to PALS instead of $200,000 by the Rains family alone. I just hope it’s all for the library and not a way to mandate the building of a new community center. Would like to see the legality of it all. Nonetheless – HUGE amount of gratitude to the Rains family – continuously serving their community. If only everyone would be as community-oriented.

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