Report: Duo Nabbed After Shoplifting Thousands From Food Lion Stores

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Two people face charges after reportedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of food, beer, and detergents from three Johnston County Food Lion stores.

Tommy Lewis Creech Jr., 42, of Slate Top Road, Clayton and Traniqua Shanea Freeman, age 31, of S. Massey Street, Selma are facing charges. Creech and Freeman are both charged with 11 counts of larceny and four counts of misdemeanor conspiracy.

The multiple shoplifting incidents occurred in recent months at Food Lion stores at 16369 NC Highway 50 North, Garner; 9147 Cleveland Road, Clayton; and 50 Neuse River Parkway, Clayton.

Altogether, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office says approximately $6,000 in merchandise was stolen by the two suspects.

Creech was arrested Feb. 12 and given a $12,000 bond. Freeman was charged Feb. 20 and given a $9,000 bond.


  1. Thank you, Mr. Creech and Ms. Freeman. You, and your disjointed army of thieves, have been successful in your attempts- increasing the cost of groceries for everyone. Your generous contributions will cost us taxpayers – for our own groceries and for EBT-recipients’ groceries. It’s never-ending costs for us hard-working, rules-following folks. So once again, my facetious “THANK YOU”.

  2. It’s alot easier to work than steal. I’m sure that at leastone of them receives assistance from our good Ole government.

  3. Hey, Joco Proud and Ellen: What does Ebt or government assistance have to do with this article? Don’t get it twisted, I have seen blacks, Hispanics, and whites with government assistance.

      • @Getitrightinfo….Noone should ever steal anything…ever!!!!! Every person most likely has struggled at some point or another in their life but how we respond to the struggle depends on our morals. See, I was raised with morals. No, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I have worked very very hard all my life starting as a youngun all the way til my adulthood to provide for my family. Not once has “stealing” to provide for my family ever crossed my mind. I’m not wired like that. And if what you say is true…that these two people are struggling….it certainly does NOT necitate $6000 worth of merchandise to provide. So, you can take THAT theory of yours elsewhere.

  4. What Joco proud I think is saying is that stealing increases the prices for everyone and when the price increases everyone gets less for the money they have to spend and that tends to hurt those with less to a larger extent.

  5. What a couple of low, low lives. Why the hell can’t they just get a job to buy what they want. They could even have gotten a job with Food Lion. Every Food Lion I go into I see a hiring sign posted and from what I understand they pay well. Bad choice you two made and I hope you pay for it.

  6. I’m just wondering……were they hungry? My guess is no. Why steal????? How do people sleep at night? Lock em up and give them that good jail house food. The store doesn’t take the hit of the lost…..people that actually pay for their food with cash will pay even higher prices.

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