Rooftop Confession Leads To Arrest

A case of slashed tires landed a Clayton man in jail.  48-year-old Albert Miller is accused of cutting the valve stems on three car tires belonging to employees of local restaurant. Clayton Police were called to McKinley’s Pub on Highway 70 Business in Clayton on a Saturday night after an employee called saying he saw a man deflating tires behind the restaurant. He said he was able to snap a picture of the man putting something in the bed of a truck and driving away.

Employees told officers that just prior to the tires being slashed, staff had escorted an intoxicated man out of the restaurant who had been drinking for several hours. That patron had left a business card at the bar with his name and occupation.

Officers went to the address and spoke to the man’s mother who said he was upstairs in his bedroom. Officers later found the man, who worked as a tree trimmer, had climbed onto the roof. From the roof, he allegedly admitted to officers that he cut the tires because he was upset that he had been asked to leave the restaurant.

Miller was arrested and charged with three counts of injury to personal property. He was given a $7,500 secured bond.