Rouzer Speaks At Benson Chamber Breakfast

US Congressman David Rouzer (R-NC) was the guest speaker at the Benson Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting held this morning (Thursday) at the Benson Conference Center.

Rouzer spoke on  number of topics including the challenges of local businesses filling vacant positions.

“It is always an honor to visit with the folks of the Benson Chamber of Commerce,” Rouzer said at the event.  “America’s economy is back on track, wages are rising and we now have more job openings than individuals to fill them.  As a result, finding workers is a real challenge for many businesses and this is precisely why the House Farm Bill includes work requirements for able bodied adults ages 18 to 59.”

”Regulatory reform is working and so are the tax cuts and tax reforms passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.  Establishing work requirements for welfare recipients so they can get on track to a successful career is top priority, and we hope to get a Farm Bill signed into law soon that will help do just that,” Rouzer said.