Runaway Car Tire Strikes Vehicle

A runaway car tire collided with a vehicle on Highway 301 in Smithfield. The accident happened at 6:33pm Tuesday near the intersection of E. Lee Street.

Smithfield Police said Adolfo Juan Castro-Ponce, 57, of Smithfield was traveling southbound on Highway 301 at an estimated 35mph in his 2005 Nissan passenger car when the rear left tire detached and rolled into the opposite lane of travel. The tire struck the front left corner of a northbound 2004 Chevy, also traveling 35mph, driven by Alan Larson, 60, of Clayton.

The Nissan was not damaged. The Chevy sustained an estimated $2,000 in damage. No injuries were reported.

Castro-Ponce told police he just had his tires worked on at a nearby tire shop.  A mechanic from the shop responded and placed the tire back on the Nissan and it was driven away.  The Chevy had to be towed.

No charges were filed.