RV Park Wins Approval Near McGee’s Crossroads

In a split vote, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners has approved a controversial RV park in the rapidly-growing McGee’s Crossroads community. In a 5-to-2 vote, commissioners agreed Monday night to rezone 15.31 acres of land in the 12000 block of Highway 210 near Interstate 40 to Resort Residential.

The applicant, Bill Turner with The Turner Group Inc. of Raleigh, said he had been in the real estate business for 40 years and there was a need for an RV park in the area. Commissioner Ted Godwin said all the emails he received were against the development but he agreed with Mr. Turner that there was a need.

“I’ve been looking at this thing strongly ever since it hit our radar. I’ve been against it and other times I’ve not been against it. I haven’t had any citizen email me that supported it. I have had several emails that wanted it denied,” Commissioner Godwin said.

“But I’ve looked at the site. I’ve looked at how it drops away from the road. The apartments immediately beside this entrance, they’re nice looking, and the large subdivision right across the road from it, is going to impact this community a whole lot more than this proposal would. It’s going to be out of sight. It’s going to be down in the woods, lower elevation, minimal traffic, I really don’t see it as a negative for the community,” Mr. Godwin stated.

Chairman Chad Stewart said, “Number one, referring to the emails, the McGee’s Crossroads area, we have been sensitive to their needs over the years. We no longer put apartments at this interchange. We no long put houses, based on sewer usage, at this interchange. We have listened to the people at McGee’s and we have spoke for the people at McGee’s. Now they don’t want this. Well at some point in time we’ve got to let landowners do what they want with their land. And in my opinion, like I said, I live at the intersection of I-95 and US701, and there is two RV parks. One has been there my whole life. One is ten miles up the road on I-95. If you don’t put an RV park on an interstate that goes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, or from Maine to Florida, where in the world do you put an RV park? That is where you put ’em.”

Godwin made a motion to approve the permit. Commissioner Tony Braswell seconded the motion. The measure passed 5-to-2 with Commissioners Larry Wood and Patrick Harris voted against the park.

Previously, the Johnston County Planning Board voted 6-to-0 to recommend denial saying the RV park was inconsistent with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. During the March 16th meeting of the Planning Board, the applicant did not appear. However, a neighbor Miriam Lambert did. Lambert said she lived a mile away and had concerns the RV park could attract transients and increase crime.

Unrelated to the RV park, Mr. Turner told commissioners he was also developing 100 residential lots on Lynch Road off Highway 42 East near the new Thanksgiving Elementary School and more than 40 residential lots off Jackson-King Road.


  1. So, the applicant didn’t even bother to show up at the Planning Board meeting (and the board appropriately voted to deny), the neighbors didn’t want it, and yet the Commissioners voted to approve. I guess we know who they really serve.

  2. First off Mrs. Lambert, please don’t have concerns about the RV park could attract transients and increase crime. Many of the motorhomes you see today cost over a million dollars and many of the fifth wheels you see today cost around $100,000.00. All you do is have a stigma of what RVing used to be like. Mr. Chad Stewart can tell you all about it. What a great place for an RV park as there is also a dealer not far from this location for service and sales. An RV park also brings in allot of tax revenue as well as brings much spending for the local business. Trust me when I tell you that an RV park is a win, win for all. Campers make great neighbors as long as the RV park owner does not stand for shenanigans.

    • Don’t think most of the million dollar moterhomes or $100,000 fifth wheels are the usual customers one would see at that location. Also don’t think you Steve live in the area. Why should Mrs. Lambert trust you or Stewarts opinion on this?

      • Doc, The reason Mr. Stewart and I know about the RV park industry is because we were brought up next to one and Doc I do live close to the area. I would also like to add that an RV park is not going to create traffic jams. If you need to have an idea of an RV Park then I recommend you visit the Raleigh Oaks RV park on Hwy 701 in Four Oaks. I think that would put your fears to rest. I must say Doc, just like a motel, if you permit trash in then you will have trash but someone who is going to invest millions into a RV park is going to let trash destroy his investment. People who travel the interstate need overnight stays in there RV on the way to there next location. You can have an older couple to a family on there way to Disney in Florida or the shores of NC or Myrtle Beach or could be coming from the other way heading to the mountains. Thanks for reading this Doc and anyone else with fear of a RV Park. Again, if your afraid of an RV Park in the area then please visit Raleigh Oaks in Four Oaks and that will put your fears to rest.

        • you don’t have a clue the traffic jams we already have in mornings and afternoons with school traffic and morning and evening traffic of folks going to work and coming home. Oh let’s not forget the Beach Traffic on weekends, its not uncommon for I40 to get backed up from beyond 210 to Raleigh. Get you head out of the sand. If it doesn,t bother you then let it bother everybody else

  3. It is so sad the Board Of Commissioners can’t treat every community there own. Would you put a RV park next to where you live and drive by everyday. I don’t think so! Just paying off political favors to your contractor friends. May everybody see what you guys are all about and it is not listening to Advisory Board that voted against it. Sad state of affairs right now in Mc Gee’s Crossroads growth PLAN.

  4. I think it is sad the Board of Commissioners fails to listen to the Commission sent up to monitor growth in the county. Already knowing the cluster of traffic problems at I40 and 210 then 1 high school, 1 middle school, 2 elementary schools all within 1 1/2 miles of the rv park? Shame on you Mr. Smith, Mr. Braswell, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Lawter, Mr Godwin. It is all about the DOLLAR !!

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