Scam Alert: Fake Amazon Account Costs Man $2,500

A Johnston County man lost $2,500 last week.  Authorities are investigating but say it’s unlikely he will get his money back.

The 51 year-old Four Oaks man was attempting to log onto his account.  Authorities believe he typed in the wrong spelling of ‘Amazon’ and ended up on a fake website that resembled the real one.

The victim said after typing in his user name and password he was immediately contacted by the scammer and told his account had been hacked. The scammer said he needed to add $1,000 in prepaid gift cards to his account and he would receive a $200 bonus.  By the time the victim realized he was being scammed, he had obtained $2,500 in prepaid cards and provided the card numbers to the scammers.

Officials said it is important to verify the website address you are logging into.  And if you are ever asked to pay for services with a pre-paid credit card it is mostly likely a scam.