Selma Elementary Students Get “Caught Doing Good”

Selma Police Officers Recognize Students as New Police Cadets Each Month

SELMA – The Selma Police Department, under the new leadership of Chief Jamie Hughes, has embarked on several new initiatives within the community. School Resource Officer C. Williford has developed a new program specifically for the students at Selma Elementary School. This new program recognizes students from each homeroom as Selma Police Department Cadets who are “Caught Doing Good” each month.

Homeroom teachers are working with Officer Williford to choose the new cadets each month. The first ceremony was held on October 4th in the auditorium. Officer Williford, Chief Jamie Hughes, and Captains Josh Layhew and Jeffrey Bass joined school administrators to present the students with their awards and badges. Students were chosen based on behavior, hard work, helping others, and all-around character.

Each student was awarded a badge sticker and a certificate noting exemplary conduct and outstanding work ethic. They were also given a task with some additional work. Officer Williford and the Selma Police Department want to ensure cadets that are “Caught Doing Good” help to show others it is good to get “Caught” too. Each cadet was asked to answer the following questions:

  • What can I do to make myself better?
  • How can I help my friends and classmates to be better and succeed?
  • How can I make a positive impact at Selma Elementary and in my community?

The purpose of this monthly initiative is to bring awareness to being a good person, following the rules, and being a positive role model. The hope is that all students will become recognized as Selma Police Department Cadets for being “Caught Doing Good” this year and to see the positive impact it has at school, at home, and within the community.


  1. What a wonderful program. Our students need that positive attitude towards law enforcement and it seems this officer gets that 100%. So glad to see the children getting involved.

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