Selma Police Warn Of Scams

Selma Police are warning residents to be alert for telephone scams following two apparent unrelated scam attempts over the Easter weekend.

One call was using the Selma Police Department name. The caller claimed to be collecting a debt and for more information they needed to contact Veronica at the Selma Police Department.

Police Captain R.L. Daniels said the agency does not have any employee named Veronica and officers are not calling people collecting debts.

A second call from a person who said they were Eric and they worked for the workers compensation division of the federal government demanded a $100 payment through Money Gram at Wal-Mart.

Captain Daniels said both callers were scams.

Anyone who believes they may be the victim of a scam in Selma is asked to contact Captain Daniels at 919-965-8189 Extension 2003.