Sheriff’s Office Recognized By Marine Corp

Just as the snow started to fall Friday afternoon, the Johnston County Marine Corps League Carry-On Detachment #1236 presented a “Good Business Award” to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office Fleet Services Division.

Sheriffs-Office-Recognized-2-2016Pictured left to right: Public Relations Officer Lewis W. Rice III, Marine Grant Croonquist, Vehicle Technician Brody Smith, Adjutant/Paymaster Ken Parker, Vehicle Technician Joe Radford, Sheriff Steve Bizzell, accepting the award Fleet Services Manager Larry Braswell, Commandant Timothy Daniel, Junior Past Commandant Devell “Bull” Durham Jr., and Past Commandant Alfred Peavy Jr.

The Fleet Services Division was created in July of 2008 as a special project of Sheriff Bizzell. Since opening the Fleet Services Facility, they have been flying Old Glory every day reminding all that travel past  “America first and her undivided Allegiance” and to honor the struggle for Independence that brave men and women have fought and died defending those stars and stripes. Contributed photo