Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Working To Reduce Recidivism

Hope Restorations, Inc. and Sheriff Larry Pierce in front of 807 Nile Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530. From Left to Right: Norma Barnes, Administrative Manager of Hope Restorations, Inc.; Tim Chase, Project Manager of Hope Restorations, Inc.; and Sheriff Larry Pierce.

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce is working to reduce relapse into criminal behavior by addressing housing options in Goldsboro, NC through work with Hope Restorations, Inc. On Monday, May 17, 2021, the Goldsboro City Council voted to transfer the deed at 807 Nile Street in Goldsboro to Hope Restorations. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners previously voted in support of this initiative, which is the first step towards a housing collaboration that gives residents an opportunity for a better life. These opportunities lead to a better neighborhood and better community as a whole. 

Hope Restorations is a non-profit agency based in Kinston, North Carolina, which has a successful track record in reducing recidivism statewide. As a result, they have become a beacon of hope to members that participate in their program by symbolizing how restoring homes relates to restoring lives. Hope Restorations takes deteriorating homes in the community and renovates them to modern standards to provide safe, affordable, energy efficient housing for lower-income families. They give former addicts and those who were incarcerated a way to earn money and provide low-income families an opportunity to live outside of government housing by renting below typical market rates. Bringing Hope Restorations into Goldsboro begins to pave the path from transitional housing to becoming a tenant and continuing to homeownership.  

“Moving forward, we want to continue to improve our transitional housing options for Goldsboro,” stated Sheriff Pierce. “We also want to continue to provide homes to Hope Restorations starting with a three to four block radius of Nile Street. In addition to these homes, we want to look at vacant lots in the area for Habitat for Humanity to build.”  

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, donations can be made to Hope Restorations, Inc. at 1608 E. Pine Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530 or by calling 252-648-7221.