Smithfield Street Resurfacing Bid Awarded

Approximately 1.2 miles of city streets will be repaved this year under a street resurfacing contract approved this month by the Smithfield Town Council.

Nine companies bid on the project. Garris Grading & Paving was the lowest bidder at $260,000. They will repave portions of 10 streets. Five of the streets must be milled down one inch before they can be resurfaced.

The streets selected for repaving include:

  • S Second Street (from Davis Street to Riverside Drive)
  • White Oak Drive (from Booker Dairy Road to Camelia Drive)
  • Old Goldsboro Road (from Ash Street to Pine Street)
  • Woodsdale Drive (from Booker Dairy Road to Brookwood Drive)
  • S 5th Street (from S Brightleaf Blvd to Brogden Road)
  • Rainbow Lane (from S Brightleaf Blvd to Raindrop Circle)
  • W Sanders Street (from S. Crescent Drive to Chestnut Drive)
  • E Davis Street (from S Brightleaf Blvd to S 7th Street)
  • Hancock Street (from 10th Street to 11th Street)
  • Sherwood Court (from Brookwood Drive to cul-de-sac)

    The Public Works Department will oversee the resurfacing project.