Capitol Columns: Some COVID-19 Perspective

Capitol Columns
By Brad Crone

Here’s an interesting perspective on COVID-19.  For the folks who don’t believe it’s real here’s the numbers in actual lives lost:

Galveston Hurricane 8,000
Antietam 3,601
9/11 2,977
Last Thursday 2,861
Last Wednesday 2,461
Last Friday 2,439
Pearl Harbor 2,403


We cannot wish this deadly contagion away.  It takes personal responsibility and a duty of citizenship. We must respect each other and follow the Golden Rule set forth in our Christian orthodoxy that you will find in Mathew 7:12 – Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Crystal Ball of Politics

We haven’t even inaugurated a new president yet and the field of candidates lining up to replace three-term Senator Richard Burr is developing.

On the Republican front, President Trump’s daughter-in-law Laura Trump, who is a native of North Carolina, has announced she’s exploring a run here in the Tar Heel state to take Burr’s open seat.  Mrs. Trump, married to son, Eric, has made an extensive number of campaign trips into the state on behalf of the President and will have an immediate campaign organization if she decides to jump into the race.

Congressman Mark Walker from Greensboro, a preacher turned politician, announced earlier this week his intentions to seek the GOP nomination as well.  Walker was elected to Congress following a bruising battle with now Supreme Court Justice-Elect Phil Berger, Jr. Another name prominently mentioned is WBT Talk Show Host Pat McCrory who served as Governor from 2013 until 2017. McCrory has a strong pedigree as Governor and former Mayor of Charlotte and is well respected within the GOP fold.

Smithfield native Congressman George Holding is also considering his options as he retires this month from six years in Washington.  Congressman Holding would be a Johnston County favorite for sure, but he has solid conservative credentials, and his political consultant Carter Wrenn has been through the trenches when we worked for Senator Jesse Helms.

On the Democrat side of the aisle, State Senator Jeff Jackson from Charlotte announced this week he was looking at a potential campaign.  The three-term incumbent has built a reputation as an advocate for independent redistricting.  Sen. Jackson is active in the U.S. Army reserves and is a former courtroom prosecutor in Gaston County.  The other names floating including NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls and current Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles – both prominent African American women active in Democratic Party politics across the state.

For the Republicans, I would give Mrs. Trump a built-in advantage and for the Democrats Mayor Lyles would be the frontrunner for sure.   As you settle into the Christmas holiday – get ready, the campaign for 2022 is getting ready to launch. Happy Holidays.

Brad Crone is former publisher of The Clayton Star and The Thomasville Times.  For the past 30 years he has worked as one of the state’s prominent political consultants – operating Campaign Connections in Raleigh. Mr. Crone is a regular panelist on Spectrum News 1 and NC SPIN.  Mr. Crone is registered Unaffiliated.