Storms Cause Damage In Selma

Streets were littered by tree debris and trash cans after the winds of a Thursday night severe thunderstorm brought trees, power poles and power lines down throughout the Town of Selma.  The power was out over most of the center of town and northward.

A large tree fell against a home on East Lizzie Mill Road at around 11 PM, scaring the residents but causing no injuries.

Sirens could be heard all over the northern part of Selma as reports of downed or hanging wires and trees across roadways came into the 911 Center.

Most of the power was restored by midnight however a power pole remained down and blocking West Anderson Street as morning traffic got out on the streets.  According to a WRAL story, at least two vehicles struck the pole after someone removed the traffic cones.

The Selma Fire Department handled many calls for downed trees, down or low-hanging wires and fires during and after the storm.  It was the third severe storm to strike areas of Johnston County in two days.

There were no injuries reported.

Photos by John Payne