Student Charged With Extorting Nude Photo

A Johnston County high school student has been arrested for allegedly extorting sexually explicit photos from a female juvenile at the same school.

The incident was reported last week. On Wednesday, 17 year-old Reagan Patrick Letts of Barrette Lane, Wendell was charged with felony extortion by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

WTSB News and has learned Letts, a student at Corinth Holders High School, allegedly downloaded a random nude photo of an woman from the internet.  Letts then allegedly threatened a 14 year-old juvenile at the school he would send out the nude photo on social media saying it was her picture unless the victim provided him with nude photos.

Detectives said the victim did send some “sexual in nature” photos to Letts. One of the photos was reportedly sent out by the suspect on social media.

Letts was released on an unsecured $40,000 bond.