Suspect In Clayton Car Break-Ins Shot And Killed

Juvenile suspect killed in Durham

CLAYTON – Clayton Police have identified four juvenile offenders they believe are responsible for two separate rashes of car break-ins. One of the offenders was killed before charges could be filed.

The first incidents occurred in July and August and involved multiple vehicles in the Riverwood area. All the vehicles were left unlocked. Police Chief Greg Tart said two juvenile suspects were identified. Charges have been obtained against a 16 year-old suspect who has not been located, but is believed to be in Durham.

The second suspect in the case was shot and killed in Durham before any charges were taken out against him. The date of the shooting and circumstances surrounding the juvenile’s death was not disclosed.

In mid-August, approximately 40 cars were broken into in the Wynston, Garrison, Lionsgate and Ellington subdivisions off Amelia Church Road. Detectives later identified two juvenile suspects. Three cars with the keys left inside were stolen. The first offender, a 16 year-old, was arrested last weekend and is being held in secure custody in Raleigh. The second offender has been identified and charges are being brought forward in juvenile court.

Chief Tart said two of the stolen vehicles have been recovered. One was located by Clayton Police while conducting surveillance in Raleigh. The other vehicle was located by Chapel Hill Police. That vehicle was found after multiple car break-ins were reported in Chapel Hill.

The suspect currently in custody has been charged with 55 felonies for the 40 break-ins and one motor vehicle larceny. The second offender will face the same charges.

“We believe these individuals have targeted a number of vehicles in several areas including Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We have been working with multiple agencies to identify others that may have been involved,” Chief Tart said.

“We continue to encourage residents to make sure they lock their vehicles and remove all valuables from inside. We also ask our residents not to leave keys inside vehicles even for a short period of time. We ask that residents dial 911 to report any suspicious vehicles or individuals any time of day but especially after dark or late at night when these incidents have occurred,” Chief Tart stated.


  1. So now these thugs are coming from Durham? Good thing the one suspect was shot and killed back in the lovely, mostly peaceful Bull City. I’m not changing my lifestyle based on these thugs thinking they deserve my property that I worked so hard for. Come try to steal my stuff and you won’t make it back to Durham.

  2. At the end of the day. These are kids and no one deserves to die. I’m sure you lived the perfect life and “never” did anything wrong. You know people just don’t wake up and say let me start a life of crime. Usually when it’s kids they come from a life of abuse physical and sexual. Things that should never happen to adults happens to them. Their hurt turns into anger that turns into this. Where is your compassion. Don’t be so quick to judge and condemn others without taking a long look at yourself…

  3. Actions have consequences. If one commits a crime against another person, one is choosing to put their own life at risk for the potential of reward. A criminal may encounter a compassionate individual or an individual willing to defend themselves, their families, and property. The criminal makes the choice to put the victim at risk. The victim is put into the situation unwilling and gets to decide how to dispense consequences and punishment on the criminal. That’s life.

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