Driver Charged In Fatal Wreck Captured Following Manhunt

UPDATE 8:00am Sept. 21 – The driver charged with causing the fatal accident has been identified as Dillon Patrick Little of Clayton.

ARCHER LODGE – A four-car accident claimed one life and sent two other victims to the hospital with serious injuries. The wreck happened around 1:30pm Monday on Covered Bridge Road.

A 19-year old driver faces serious charges and is being held on a $110,000 bond.

The teen driver reportedly told state troopers that he “was scared” and fled the scene of the accident. Following a manhunt involving troopers, Johnston County deputies and a Clayton Police K-9 unit, the man was detained not far from the accident scene.

The suspect has been charged with driving while impaired, felony death by motor vehicle, two counts of felony serious injury, failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident and felony hit and run.

The name of the person killed and the suspect charged have not been released. We are working to learn those names.

Archer Lodge and Thanksgiving Fire units along with at least four ambulances, sheriff’s deputies, and Highway Patrol troopers responded.

Covered Bridge Road was shut down near the accident scene for about two hours.


    • He was not late for soccer. Had he not gotten suspended from the team for not standing during the pledge 2 nights ago, this would not have happened. I know this because I was at the game and I know people on team.

    • He is paying for it dearly in his heart and in his mind as he sits and waste away in a jail cell!! Terrible thing to go to jail for and the panic part is understandable but the driving while under the influence is another thing! The problem with these kinds of cases is that unless he except the fact that drugs and alcohol are nothing to be played with!! Addiction is not just a word it is a sentence for life with a very understandable out come! Jail death or institution!! The sentence is life long and addictions stands for

      All Drugs Do Is Cause Trouble In Our Neighborhoods!

      If more people tried to find there way to recovery and recognized the problem sooner we would have a world with a lot less incarceration and a lot less frivaless deaths. Ruining a young man’s life over because or before he hasn’t quite figured out he is and addict yet is the shamefulness act that the adults in his life should answer for! No one had explained to him that drugs and alcohol can and will be a dead end road for any man or woman that doesn’t understand it! I’ve seen hundreds of people that were uneducated to these facts end up in a life changing or death because they were not given the tools to know better! I think that all children before graduating middle school should be educated 9n the adverse effecr of using drugs and given the tools to be prepared when the time comes to say no and be proud and willing to stand up and say NO!! Nancy Regan said just Say no but didn’t really express or give a reason why!! This should be the next tool and knowledge given to our young adults! This child maybe would have made the decision to not drive or maybe not even use a drug or alcohol before this happened! Just a little food for thought! Why middle school because High School is exactly what it sounds like for most American teenagers today and I reiterate HIGH school! I pray this young man gets a grip on his life because the system these days only sees you or us as a number and they are paid more for you being in prison than walking the streets infact I think the Federal government pays $27,500 a year to each state to house and inmate! That is a lot of dollow and more than most pay in taxes! I maybe wrong on the maybe a little off but it’s certainly more than most pay in taxes every year! Which seems only strange how they can want us to give a third of our check to a government that spends our money this way! Rehabilitation is cheaper than incarceration and most given the chance will change and those that want deserve more time or more teaching with a helping hand! God bless this young man and God Bless you for reading my post. Hopefully someone with some influence will choose to look at this a little closer and maybe apply some of my ideas to help the quality of our next generation!!

  1. He actually didn’t know he was suspended from the team yet, he was for sure on his way to practice. Please don’t talk before knowing if it’s true or not…

  2. straight up. You probably dont know nothing about this kid. Worry about your self and dont be talking about what a parent could or couldn’t have done. Its only so much a parent can do once kids turn a certain age, he’s a broke college student. AT LEAST trying to stay a float after struggling at a university. So what you’ll do with your kid? I know this kid, and he is VERY TALENTED on the soccer field. maybe he does need some help but thats none of your concern. Rock out Dillon. Im praying for you brother. stay strong

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