School Board Votes 4-To-3 On Mask Mandate

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Public School Board voted Monday afternoon to continue to require students and staff wear face masks at school. The board was divided on the issue. The measure passed 4-to-3.

Board member Kay Carroll made a motion to continue the mask mandate based on current CVOID-19 metrics. Vice Chair Terri Sessoms seconded the motion. Carroll, Sessoms, Al Byrd and Lyn Andrews voted in favor. Chairman Todd Sutton, Ronald Johnson and Mike Wooten voted against.

Andrews asked fellow board members to consider have a few of the members meet with Johnston County Public Health Director Dr. Marilyn Pearson and other school administrators to look at what can be done to work towards face masks becoming optional. Wooten agreed to join Andrews and meet with Dr. Pearson.

Sessoms agreed with Andrews recommendation to look at when the mask mandate can be lifted. “I believe it is vitally important, in the spirit of transparency, that we have metrics so that parents know what that looks like and give them some hope that it’s not forever.”

The Johnston County Public School Board met virtually September 20, 2021 to vote on the mask mandate. Screenshot

Ronald Johnson asked Suprintendent Dr. Eric Bracy to come up with a contingency plan where schools can be set up in the district specifically for students and staff who do not want to wear masks. Johnson said it would involve a lot of logistics but wanted to see if sites specific for those not wanting to wear masks are feasible.

Chairman Sutton questioned how transportation could be arranged for students who may have to be bused from one end of the county to the other under Johnson’s proposal.

Carroll said as the board looks at all these options, organizations like the school board can only do so much and function properly. He urged the board to be cautious by not overpromising what they can realistically deliver.

The board then voted 4-to-3 to continue the mask mandate in Johnston County Public Schools.


  1. Oh you thought matching to their building on THEIR terms and only allowed to speak on THEIR terms would change anything? That’s funny.

    It’s time for people to start practicing civil disobedience. If you don’t want your kids to wear masks, just send them to school without masks. Enough people do this and it’ll get their attention because otherwise, they don’t give a f**k about you.

  2. Another win for the teachers union and a huge loss for kids. So sad the mental harm we continue to do to these kids. We allow thousands of illegal border crossings unmasked and living in close quarters under a bridge and in shelters but our kids have to be masked! The elite can go to the emmys, restaurants, parties unmasked but they require our kids to be masked! Watch for your pro-mask school board members out in public unmasked, I bet we find them breaking their own rules!!

    • Then take your kids to the emmys and then stop by and hang out under the bridge with em! Just don’t drag them up to the school with no mask and have them put staff and others at risk. Heck…throw a party at Ron Johnsons’ house and go unmasked over there as long as you wish!

    • By “huge loss for the kids” I assume you mean masks in school lead to fewer virus transmissions which maintains in-person classes and they won’t be able to play X-box while on a Zoom class like last year.

      Glad you are concerned for the illegal immigrant camps and the elite.

  3. I want to know why all these parents are against masks when medical professionals clearly state that masks help stop the spread of this virus. They make a big deal about their rights without one concern over the childrens’ safety. For all the school board members who voted against masks–get rid of them. I voted for 2 of them, but never again!! Shame on them.

    • Politics. That’s the only reason. They blindly follow whatever is being told to them by talking heads of their political party, find any ultra conservative website that will put up some unfounded statements and numbers that fits their agenda and run with it. And on top of that they call others sheep lol.

      Anyone who looks at the data and talks to their Doctors and other medical professionals will find that masks and vaccines are part of the solution. I find it incredible that some many people think they are somehow more of an expert in the Medical world that the people who actually went to school and do this for a living.

      It’s sad when so many put their own political views ahead of health and safety of society at large.

    • Most of them aren’t even parents…Just trouble makers mostly..they don’t even understand what the mask is for..

    • I am against them because the elites don’t practice what they preach, allow illegals into our country with no thought of covid, and many other countries stopped masking and they are doing better than we are. How is it morally ok for our kids to be muzzled while illegals can come into this country unchecked, unvaxxed and unmasked? Clearly the government doesn’t care about covid in this country or the borders would be locked down and Cooper would prevent them from getting flown to our cities. Oh and it has a 99+% recovery rate!!!! Do your research on a media source that isn’t owned by the big 6.

      • Is that any reason for you to not care. If a politician got on the road driving 100 mph, that certainly would not make be want to do it. I hope to use my own reasoning and common sense. We all need to do the right thing to help stop this mess and stop arguing.

        • No it just shows the double standard and that they don’t even believe the masks work. The politicians are just using the masks for control. First masks, then vax, then boosters every 5 months for life in order for you to live and participate in their society. Watch Israel and Australia that’s what’s coming to America if we allow continued control. We need to practice non violent civil disobedience and show the politicians that we are in charge and we voted for them to represent us.

      • So you are against something because “elites” are hypocrites and people want to come to America? Not because of any credible data? Brilliant.

        I have no idea what “elites” and immigration has to do with the johnston county school board deciding what to do for a mask policy in our schools. Classic deflecting to just rant more politics.

        Also, these are masks…not muzzles. No one is muzzling anyone.

        I’d agree with you that we should all do research and not let talking heads be our research for us. However I’d suggest to find medical research from credible sources. NOT to research sites that have a political agenda and have a history of making ridiculous claims.

    • Help me to understand. You go to a place to eat and have to wear a mask. you take off your mask to eat. Does the virus know not to go just a few feet away and infect others? It does not have a mind of its own. Use logic people..

  4. Todd Sutton and Mike Wooten are just as guilty as the rest that voted to keep the mask. Sutton and Wooten are trying to pretend they are on your aide because they know re-election isn’t looking good for them. We all know Wooten and Sutton are just as much of the liberal progressive liberal as the teacher’s union head Terri Sessions. What I want to know did $180-K-Carroll give his man Dr. Parker his $180,000.00 payday?

  5. Not all medical professionals agree that masks are stopping the spread. Check out the states with the strictest mask mandates if you want proof of that. Thank the good Lord my children are grown. As a parent, keeping a child in a mask all day (8 hours at least, more if they ride the bus) is tantamount to child abuse. Just my opinion, which combined with a nickel will get you nothing.

  6. Good. Our kids need to stay safe, and masks are proven to help. If you don’t want to wear a mask that’s totally fine, but do realize that by not wearing one and not getting the vaccine you’re putting other people, including children at risk. Glad to hear that the school board would still like students to be safe.

  7. I bet the three that voted against the masks know it is the right thing to do and are happy the vote passed, but are too chicken to deal the backlash of doing the right thing.

  8. Riddle me this…after all the mask wearing and people taking the gene therapy shot, the covid numbers mysteriously keep going up. Oh that’s right, your “vaccine” isn’t working because others are unvaxxed. Funny how the elite and people in power don’t need to wear masks. Maybe they know something the kool-aid drinkers don’t. Remember peasants, do as I say not as I do.

  9. Linda E. it is very sad that you are so misinformed. Mask do not work. My child has been sick with a bacterial lung infection since early September, due to wearing these mask. He was born premature, on oxygen for weeks in the hospital. Talk about a weak immune system, he’s got one, and yet it was medically stated by his doctor that the mask caused him to have this lung infection, and that we are going to see a rise in cases of children, due to the same reason.
    If you don’t have a child in school, then please don’t join the argument. We are fighting for our children, because this is child abuse. I hope every single one of you commenting that this is the best decision are sitting around for 7-8 hours a day wearing your mask! If you are not, then don’t have the audacity to say that my child should be! Give our children back their freedom to breathe.

    • Maybe you caused it by not washing his mask? There is NO way that a face mask alone has caused your child an infection.

    • One last thing… I have a child in school and don’t see it as child abuse to wear a mask for safety. You on the other hand are stating that you think it IS child abuse and yet you still send your kid to school? I would never send me kid any place that I felt was a danger to them and an abusive situation!

      • T BIDEN, So glad to know you have a PhD. I can rest easy knowing you say there is NO way my child could have become sick by wearing his mask. Gosh, silly me, why didn’t I think of buying multiple mask so that my child wouldn’t have to wear the same one every single day, Ohhh and Washing them.. What a concept… (insert major eye roll)

    • We are also fighting for our children because masks have helped them from being sick with colds and viruses. I have the same problem you do–protecting my child. Doctors have different opinions it seems, but I trust what mine says.

    • My daughter also developed a condition because of the masks. One thing is for certain: everyone will get covid. vaccine or no vaccine, you will get it, its just a matter of time. It is unrealistic to think if we continue to wear these masks and get vaccinated that it will magically disappear. Where in history has that ever happen? The only way to stop this covid madness is to allow nature run its course and fight hospitals and providers to give proper treatment for the virus. not ventilators,etc. Actual medicine. Vaccines are not the only solution, it makes Pharma lots of money but its not the only solution. There are other proven medications to fight it, but providers are not being allowed to use it. Why? Use your imagination.
      As for the masks. See PDF with over 70 articles/studies from the NIH and CDC that prove masks don´t work.
      The data on children does not support the push for the vaccines and masks. My kid has a higher chance of getting hit by lighting then dying of covid. look at the stats. The only thing we can all do is eat healthy, exercise, take our vitamins and pray for God´s protection over us. Fear is not of God. Joshua 1:9. My two cents.

        • If I wanted to let everyone know I would have written it the first time. Health is something private something I think many of us have forgotten. In regards to masks, Fauci himself said it last year in an interview- masks don’t work. So in my opinion based on what I have heard and read, that’s what I believe. I think you missed the point I was making. Anyways, I believe we should be given the option as to what we think is best for OUR health and not have government tell us what to do and what to inject in our bodies. I think people should have a choice to put their faith in what they think will protect them the most.

  10. These Teacher’s Union board members that are apart of “The Squad of CRT Cult” are so devastated from all of the microscopic audits of their every move from you uneducated Taxpayers and Parents. They are asking them self just why have all of you even begun to pretend that you parents have any say so to what can be done to your children? The school board is waiting for the day that enough election fraud is in place so that they don’t have to pretend to be decent and honest pillars of the community and can openly push ever filthy part of CRT onto your children like the nightmares you hear of on the news from other liberal school districts. Every now and then you will see one or two board members letting their guard down and not getting that mask back on in time and you see the true essence of the man or woman. What you Taxpayers and Parents saw wasn’t pretty was it and you never thought this could happen here not in our county?

  11. Please just ask the kids. I have my kids would rather the mask if it means they can be in school and not remote. If it does not bother them why should it bother me.

  12. Facts. COVID kills. Masks ARE effective in preventing spread. Children are NOT eligible for vaccinations. EVERYONE can get COVID-19.

    Facts outweigh politics, no matter what you believe.

  13. The numbers going up are because of unvaxed, its not a riddle. Go look at any hospital numbers, find out what percent in the ICU for covid are vaxed vs unvaxed. Find out how many beds are dedicated to Covid patients and what percent of those are vaxed or unvaxed. This is easy info to find. Riddle solved.

    • And also ask how understaffed they are due to staff quitting cause they would rather be unemployed than put the toxic shot in their bodies after seeing all the vax reactions. One of the reasons the hospitals are at capacity is lack of staff limiting available beds. Fact not fiction.

      Thank God I homeschool now so my kids no longer have to deal with this insanity! Freedom all day long and they are learning the Bill of Rights of both NC and USA, and the Declaration of Independence! They have learned more in 2 years at home than they did in all their years of joco indoctrination.

      • So it only took you two years of home schooling to teach the first ten amendments to the Constitution and the declaration of independence. Lots of field trips, huh? And what is the Bill of Rights of North Carolina? Not familiar with that one. Your kids should have no trouble getting into Liberty University. And your qualifications to home school are what?

        • Oh no they have learned plenty more than just that! I was pointing those items out because they are not taught in elementary school like they should be. I have an associates, a bachelors of science, a masters of science and a post graduate degree. More than well qualified to teach my own kids!

          I misspoke and said Bill of rights of NC and meant preamble to the NC constitution. Here’s a link so you can refresh.

      • If you homeschool, you have no reason to worry about masks in schools (the current topic). Sounds like you are an instigator, or you just like to read your own posts.

        • Nope just believe that no child should have to wear masks and am joining the fight with my fellow parents and friends. Most importantly, I am a tax payer and have every right to comment and participate in anything that my tax dollars pay for.

  14. I love that they implement the policy before they have any metrics for starting or ending it. Just goes to show how crazy it is.

    I’ve already contacted the school board and made clear everyone who voted for masks I will vote against. This was the wrong decision by the board and not supported by any logic, reason, or evidence.

  15. Please vote these dangerous idiots out of office: Todd Sutton, Ronald Johnson and Mike Wooten. The evidence for masking is clear and if they cannot make the responsible decision to keep our schools safe, they should not be on the school board.

  16. I think consulting Dr. Pearson about a point in time where mask can be optional is an excellent idea. Johnson’s idea of shipping kids to a place where they don’t have to wear mask is ludicrous. In a time of tight school budgets it’s a complete waste of the tax payers money. I thought Republicans like Johnson were suppose to be looking after our tax dollars.

  17. Clearly non of you idiots had Covid or you haven’t lost a close loved one to Covid. If you don’t want your child to wear a mask don’t send your child to school. Oh that’s right because yall are the same ones who depend on the school to babysit your children so you can work. While I’m a single mother and whether my kids are in school or not I make a way for my kids to be cared for so that I can work. Yall are just some snobby whiney babies who take life for granted.

  18. Those against masks in schools have never lost a child to Covid. I pray you never do – but you will change your minds if it happens in your family.. Thank you school board members – now is not the time to change the policy. Congratulations to our School Board members – and our heartfelt gratitude.

      • More people die from covid than vaccines and its not close. Your argument makes no sense.

        So choice A is do nothing and have a low risk of death and choice B is get a jab and have even LOWER risk of death (and not to mention much lower chance of hospitalization or ICU stays.) Why would anyone choose A unless there were other mitigating factors with their own personal health history?

  19. Researchers in China experimented with hamsters to test the effect of masks. They put healthy hamsters and hamsters infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 coronavirus) in a cage, and separated some of the healthy and infected hamsters with a barrier made of surgical masks. Many of the “masked” healthy hamsters did not get infected, and those who did got less sick than previously healthy “maskless” hamsters.,

    If it saves a child’s life it’s no longer a party issue!!!

  20. Chances is that you or anyone in your orbit don’t know anyone that have had a child die from COVID-19. This manmade virus kills the one’s that it was designed to kill, those that are over the age of 60 that china has no use for at nearly a 85% rate. Children COVID-19 death is a 10th of one percent. COVID-19 is a made up crisis to keep alive and it is noway comparable to 1918 Spanish Flue that killed many in their 20’s. If this Covid-19 was half as deadly as the 1918 Spanish Flue the USA would had all ready been completely transformed by the Democrats into a Communist-Socialist Country by now. Ms. Michelle and Mr. Elmore if you are a property owner you will not be spared by this Democrat Communist-Socialist Party ether. When half of South America has finally crossed our southern border those of you with money and property will experience your property and bank accounts in the control of the Federal Government just as landlords did and it will be in the name of fighting this human crisis. Being a Democrats, Independent or Republican will not save what you thought was yours! The masses of new poor and needy citizens that has created this humanitarian crisis will replace yes even you Democrats should any you own anything that remotely looks like wealth. This New Democrat Communist-Socialist Country will surly have a plenty of sorrow for us all including the old Democrat Citizen too.

  21. JoCo didn’t look so good on the Comedy Central segment filmed during the protest at the recent school board meeting. Last I checked it had over 1.8 million views. Very embarrassing…

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