Suspect Picks The Wrong Time To Pawn Stolen Goods

A man suspected of stealing items from his own father was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

On December 19th, a Benson man filed a report with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office saying he suspected his son, who had recently been living with him, was stealing his belongings.

Kevin Mark Hackney Jr. of Benson was named as the suspect.

Detectives were reportedly able to trace numerous items stolen from the victim to a Wake County pawnshop where Hackney allegedly sold the goods.

While a detective inside the pawnshop investigating the thefts, authorities said Hackney showed up with more items to sell.  The detective was later able to trace the items Hackney sold that day as goods he had just stolen from his father, authorities said.

Hackney was arrested December 28th and charged with 7 counts of larceny.  He was confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $38,000 bond.

Altogether, the 23 year-old suspect is accused of taking $2,575 in cash and goods from his father including power tools and a Yeti cooler. $800 worth of the property has been recovered.