The Snow And Ice Storm Of January 9-13, 1968

Originally contributed in 2009 by Cater Rabil

“A period of freezing rain, sleet & snow during which outdoor surfaces in almost all areas of North Carolina became heavily coated with ice.”

“In a large area east & south of Raleigh, poles & power lines were broken to the extent that several entire counties were without electricity or telephone for periods of one to five days. One of several telephone companies affected reported losses in mid-category five; one power company reported costs in category six with 2,000 linemen working on repairs for several days & nights.”

The Neuse River is frozen during the snow and ice storm of January 1968. Photos from the Johnston County Heritage Center

“Trees & shrubs were damaged over an even larger area. Throughout most of the state, traffic was severely curtailed. No deaths or injuries are known to have resulted from the direct action of the weather, but at least five people were killed in weather-related traffic accidents & thousands required hospital treatment for injuries received in traffic accidents or in falls on the ice. Widespread lack of power caused some economic losses & a great deal of discomfort.”