Town Moves Forward With Pool Purchase

Residents in Selma are a step closer at enjoying a public pool.

During a Public Hearing on October 10th, three Selma residents spoke in favor of purchasing the pool on Griswold Street behind Selma Elementary School.

Carol Harper approached the Town of Selma about buying the pool in September.  Harper said the privately-run Selma Recreation Park pool was formed in the 1950’s by 200 families who contributed $200 each to buy a membership.  Harper said the pool costs about $16,000 a year to operate between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year, however it was not opened in 2017.

Membership in the pool has dwindled in recently years.  Four of the original members have agreed to sell the pool to the Town for $4,670.05, which is equal to the outstanding property taxes and utility bills for the 1 acre site.

Town officials said after the September meeting, other shareholders came forward saying they were not aware of a pending sale.  Town attorney Chip Hewett was asked to research the sale and report back at the November meeting.

Barring any last minute issues, the town is expected to purchase the pool in November.   The town council vote was unanimous.

Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Lacy said the location would be ideal for Selma residents, including youth, to access.  She compared the location of the pool at the Smithfield Recreation & Aquatics Center in North Smithfield being too far for children in East Smithfield to walk.  Lacy said the Selma pool would be more centrally located.

Urging her fellow council members to approve the purchase and open the pool in 2018, Lacy said, “Please don’t let the pool go down the drain.”