Two Retail Workers Pepper Sprayed During Robbery

SMITHFIELD – Two employees at a Smithfield business were pepper sprayed during a robbery. It happened around 6:46pm Sunday, Nov. 26 at Tommy Hilfiger on Outlet Center Drive.

Smithfield Police said three unknown females entered the business, took a quantity of merchandise, then tried to leave without paying. When two employees attempted to block the exit door, they were pepper sprayed. The suspects then fled past the two employees.

Police said what would have been a shoplifting case is now a robbery investigation because pepper spray was used as a weapon.

Johnston County EMS responded to Tommy Hilfiger to evaluate both employees. They were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Detectives are awaiting video surveillance footage from the business and hope it can be used to identify the three assailants. An inventory is also being conducted to determine the total amount of property that was stolen.


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