Update: Principal Working At Same Pay At Central Office

The Harnett Central High School principal who reportedly made a controversial decision to ask a student remove a shirt with President Donald Trump’s name on it has replaced a retiring central office employee.

Harnett County Schools Public Information Officer Natalie Ferrell confirmed that former Harnett Central Principal Cindy Gordon is no longer working at the school.

She has been moved to the central office where she is now the director of student information and data for the school system. She replaces Jami Thomas who retired from the same position.

Mrs. Ferrell said Mrs. Gordon’s salary information was not available, but she said she will work for the same salary that she did as the principal at Harnett Central.

Mrs. Gordon asked student Matthew Collins to remove a shirt with the president’s name on it at a football game on Oct. 5.

According to Matthew’s father, Michael, some other fans at the game were upset by the shirt.

Matthew chose to leave the game following the incident.

School officials are funneling all comments on the matter through Mrs. Ferrell’s office.

Superintendent Dr. Aaron Fleming, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Monica Thompson, all five school board members and board attorney Charles Bullock were contacted regarding the matter and referred questions to Mrs. Ferrell.

The first press release on the situation came Friday afternoon when the system stated personnel decisions had been made regarding the matter. The release stated that Harnett Primary School Principal Catherine Jones is the new principal at Harnett Central High School.

It also stated that Dunn Middle School Assistant Principal Calvetta Dunkins is now interim principal at Harnett Primary School.

There was no mention of Mrs. Gordon’s position or her transfer to another position in the original press release.

-Dunn Daily Record