US Attorney Robert Higdon, Jr. Offers His Resignation

RALEIGH – In response to President Biden’s request that all Presidentially appointed United States Attorneys step down, United States Attorney Robert J. Higdon, Jr., submitted his letter of resignation to the President today with an effective date of midnight on February 28, 2021. 

He expressed his honor to serve as United States Attorney and his gratitude to former President Trump and Senators Burr and Tillis for their support and for giving him an opportunity to serve the people of this District. 

Click here to read Mr. Higdon’s resignation letter.


  1. Perma’at, don’t waste time pointing out what should be known by informed citizens. There is no longer even a thread of intellectual curiosity about governing norms. This process is part of every administration and US Attorneys know this when accepting this office. For the record President Biden kept in place the Special appointed US Attorney chosen by Trump Admin to remain in charge of the pre-2016 election resulting in the Russia probe to complete it, as well as the Trump appointed US Attorney in charge of the investigation of his own son , Hunter Biden.

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