Vice President Visits Johnston County

SELMA – Vice President Mike Pence held a campaign rally Friday afternoon at The Farm just off Interstate 95 near Selma.  A large number of supporters waited for several hours in the rain for a chance to see and hear the Vice President.

“It is great to be back in the Tarheel state. Thank you all for coming out. I am really honored that you came out today in the middle of the day,” the Vice President said. “North Carolina and America need four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House. The President was in Greenville yesterday. I am in Selma today. The road to victory goes straight through North Carolina, just like last time.”

Pence reflected back on the visit Donald Trump made to The Farm in 2016.  “17,500 gathered at The Farm four years ago for President Trump. Here in North Carolina you believed we could be strong again. We could be prosperous again.”

The Vice President said, “When you compare the Biden-Harris agenda with our agenda, the choice is clear… in 18 days we need to reelection President Donald Trump for four more years.”

Pence said it was time for Joe Biden to say whether he plans to pack the Supreme Court if elected.  He also mentioned Cal Cunningham’s extra marital relationship.  “It is time for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Cal Cunningham to come clean. Give the American people a straight answer.  The truth of the matter is we all know why they are not answering the question. You know, I like to say I was born in the morning but not yesterday morning.”

Pence said Biden has suggested cutting funding for law enforcement. He discussed the importance of supporting law enforcement officers, saying his uncle was a police officer for 25 years in Chicago. “The men and women who put on the uniform of law enforcement are some of the best people in America. They deserve the respect of every American every single day.”

“From day one this President has stood strong for the rights of every American… When Joe Biden was vice president we saw a steady assault on the religious freedoms of every American.  People of faith have no greater champion than President Donald Trump.”

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support taxpayer funding of abortions all the way to the moment of birth, and the funding increase for abortion providers. I could not be more proud to stand without apology with President Trump for the sanctity of human life. He is the most pro-life President in American history.”

Pence said a COVID-19 vaccine would soon be available for all Americans. “We are making progress.”

“When Joe Biden was talking about shutting down the economy President Trump was talking about opening up American again… We are opening up America’s schools. I have been married to a school teacher for 35 years and she is back in the classroom teaching art in a little Christian school.”

The Vice President mentioned the loss of 22 million jobs due to the nationwide COVID shutdown. He said 11-1/2 million of those workers have now gone back to work.

“We are going to say with one voice, America will never be a socialist country.”

He urged voters to reelect Senator Thom Tillis, Congress David Rouzer (District 7), Congress Richard Hudson (District 8), and elect Congressman Madison Cawthorn (District 11).

Earlier today, Second Lady Karen Pence made a campaign stop in Matthews, NC.