WCSO Deploys Drone Team To Help Concerned Neighbors

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) recently received a complaint from a citizen who resides near Garris and Stewart Roads, that someone was shooting several rounds of gunfire every weekend near his home. Interviews with other neighbors revealed they were also concerned for their safety. Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker was contacted to determine the location of that activity.

After speaking with concerned neighbors, the WCSO’s Special Operations’ Drone Team was dispatched to “scout” the area by air and ground to locate the source. After two hours of investigating leads, the team not only identified the target area, but the team located and identified the shooters.

“Fortunately, they found that the shooters setup proper backstops, while being mindful of the safety and concerns of neighbors, said Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker. “The Wake County Sheriff’s Office was able to give all parties a piece of mind and resolve this situation amicably.”

While the shooters were following all safety protocols by shooting in areas that would not harm surrounding homes, deputies reminded them to be aware of their surroundings, while understanding the County’s noise and firearms ordinances.