177 Lot Subdivision Moving Forward

In a unanimous decision, the Clayton Town Council has given their approval on a revised application for a portion of a 177-lot subdivision between Clayton and Wilson’s Mills.

Gordon-Property-Map-FIThe subdivision, near Glen Laurel Road and Powhatan Road, was delayed for several months after the developers got caught up in a dispute between the two towns.  Developers wanted Clayton to satellite annex the entire tract of land but could not because a section of the subdivision was closer to the Wilson’s Mills city limits.  Both towns then sought to annex the entire subdivision but each municipality refused to grant the other permission.

Under a revised plan, the Town of Clayton this week approved 28 single family lots that are within the town’s ETJ.  The developer is seeking approval of the remaining 149 lots from Johnston County. 

The 61 acre tract is owned by CGC Properties LLC and Powhatan Road Limited Partnership. 

Officials are working with the Johnston County School Board to add a sidewalk from the subdivision to the nearby Powhatan Elementary School.