4 Suspects Charged In Johnston County Business Break-In

SELMA – Selma Police have arrested four suspects in connection with a business break-in where $8,000 in items were stolen. It happened at Savannah Discount Gas / Mobil, at 25 JR Road. Around 3:05am Monday, police received a burglar alarm activation at the business. They arrived within three minutes, however the suspects had already fled.

Security cameras captured the suspects arrive in a white Mercedes. One person waited in the car, and a second person near the door, while the two others forced they way inside. They stole 71 cartons of cigarettes, 73 energy drinks, 83 lighters, and one beer before fleeing.

Police sent out an alert to surrounding agencies to be on the lookout for the vehicle. Within 5 minutes, Dunn Police had located the car in the parking lot of a closed gas station. The stolen items were still inside the Mercedes.

Kelly Lee Asher, age 52; Chadwick Glenn Freeman, age 41; Michael Lee Oxedine, age 47; and Shylan Michelle Driggers, age 21, all of Fayetteville were arrested.

Selma Police Detective Sgt. J Vause later connected the four suspects to an attempted break-in that occurred at Carolina Apparel at 49 JR Road, minutes before the Savannah Discount Gas / Mobil theft. Security footage from Carolina Apparel showed the same vehicle and suspects park behind that building and attempt to make entry through a door.

The four individuals are also suspects in other gas station break-ins in the Fayetteville area.


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