Two Suspects Wanted For Armed Carjacking

SELMA – Law enforcement officers are searching for two suspects wanted for an armed carjacking. It happened around 4:30pm Monday, Nov. 13 in the Selma city limits.

Police Detective Sgt. J. Vause said an 18 year-old driver had stopped at the intersection of Madison Street and Lizzie Street. Two suspects approached the stationary vehicle, pointed a gun at the driver, and demanded their money, cell phone and car.

The victim handed over $160 in cash, their phone and the white 2006 Honda Civic he was driving. The suspects fled on Lizzie Street towards Downtown Selma.

The victim sustained minor injuries.

The stolen Honda Civic had NC license plate KDF-9523.

Anyone with information about the two suspects, or the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle, is asked to contact Detective Vause at 919-965-8189 Extension 2005.


    • You will always have crime no matter the leadership. There will always be dregs of society that we have to live with.

      • Sure, no doubt, but why is it concentrated in Selma at a higher rate than anywhere else in Joco?

        I’ll tell you why, p** poor Selma Democrat leadership. We know the party of pro-crime policies.

        • If you’re think for a minute that crimes of all sorts don’t occur
          Just as much in Republican control cities….then you should take off your political blinders!

          • While crime always exists under any leadership, it is blatenly obvious what happens under pro-entitlement-pro-crime-anti-lawenforcement ‘leadership’

            When you have soft-on-crime spineless leadership, criminals get their cue.

  1. We just need more entitlement programs. Look how well it works in big cities like San Fran. ,Chicago. You need to pay the criminals to be ‘good’, and all will be well.

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