Arrest Made In 1 Of 3 Smithfield Break-Ins

Hebert-Le-Clark-FISmithfield Police have solved one of three break-ins reported Monday and Tuesday.

Hebert Le Clark, 24, of Ogburn Road, Smithfield is accused of breaking into a location on East Street stealing air conditioning parts and scrap metal valued at $30. Clark was located by police on West Street less than 10 minutes later and arrested. The stolen items were also recovered. Clark was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering and misdemeanor larceny.

In another incident, six TV’s and $200 worth of copper were stolen during a break-in at Horizon Family Medicine on Venture Drive on Monday. The break-in is under investigation by the detectives division.

Police are also investigating a 12:40am burglary on Tuesday on Towbridge Street. A 25 year-old man said someone broke into his home but fled without taking any items. The victim was not injured.

Captain T.S. Choe with the Smithfield Police Department said there is no evidence connecting the three break-ins.