Autopsy: Murder Victim Sustained 83 Knife Wounds

Warning: This story contains details some readers may find disturbing

Crime scene tape in front of Keith Slocum’s home October 28, 2021. Johnston County Report Photo

FOUR OAKS – An elderly Johnston County murder victim sustained 83 wounds to his body while trying to fend off a knife-wielding attacker. He did not survive his injuries. Keith Lloyd Slocum was brutally murdered in the side yard of his Four Oaks area home October 28, 2021. Slocum was able to shoot his attacker before he took his last breath. The suspect stole his gun and fled from the victim’s home at 4092 US Highway 701 South.

Responding Johnston County deputies intercepted the suspect, Isaac James Martin, age 25, of Smithfield as he sped in his pickup on US Highway 301 into Smithfield. Following a brief chase, Martin stopped in the driveway of his home at 116 E. Wellons Street in South Smithfield and was arrested.

According to an recently released autopsy report from the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the 79 year-old murder victim died as a result of “83 sharp force injuries” to his body. The autopsy indicated Slocum sustained 25 stab wounds and 14 incised wounds to his torso resulting in injuries to his lung, ribs, bowel and liver. He sustained an additional 27 stab wounds and 17 incised wounds to his extremities, some as deep as 6 inches. The autopsy said some of the wounds were in clusters.

Slocum was stabbed or cut in his torso, abdomen, right arm, right hand, right thigh, right lung, left thigh, left knee, bowel, and ribs. He also sustained an abrasion to his left forearm and a contusion to his groin.

According to information obtained from the autopsy and a search warrant, Slocum returned home October 28th after his wife called him to report a man she didn’t know was outside their home. The elderly victim confronted Martin in his yard. Martin was reportedly armed with a large chef’s kitchen knife and stabbed Slocum repeatedly. He was able to fire shots from his handgun before collapsing. EMS pronounced Mr. Solcum dead at the scene.

The autopsy indicated the multiple wounds were consistent with a single-edged blade. The autopsy ruled his death as a homicide due to “multiple sharp force injuries.”

Isaac James Martin is moved from a prisoner transport van to the Johnston County Jail October 29, 2021. Johnston County Report Photo

Martin, the murder suspect, was treated and released at WakeMed for gunshot wounds to his leg, shoulder and facial area, gunshots fired by Sloum before he died. Martin was transported to the Johnston County Jail on October 29, 2021 then transferred to Central Prison.

A search warrant revealed a handgun, presumed to be Mr. Slocum’s, was found in Martin’s 2006 Lincoln LT pickup truck. Additionally, two knives, one covered in blood was found inside the truck.

After the homicide, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said there was no known connection between the murder victim and suspect and it appears Martin murdered the elderly man in a random act of violence.

Just five months before Keith Slocum was murdered, his accused killer Isaac Martin was convicted May 12, 2021 in a Nash County courtroom for felony breaking and entering motor vehicles and reckless driving. Martin received a 24 month suspended sentence and was placed on probation.

A trial date for Isaac Martin has not been set, however, the defendant has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Keith Slocum was a US Navy Veteran and a retired general salesman. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, several children, 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


  1. I remember when this happened. Absolute evil. He needs to be made suffer greatly on his way to Hades. Let him understand what eye for an eye really means. Leave the body for the birds. Good riddance.

  2. This was so horrible. What makes it even worse was the suspect should have been in jail from his prior convictions. We need to impose harsher sentences for these criminals, just one more system that is broken!

  3. POS has all the rights in the world now while he just sentenced the victim’s family to a life sentence. Too bad we don’t have summary executions.

    • Yeah, she probably will give him a plea deal just like all the bad criminals roaming the streets because of her.

  4. This guy has a lengthy record on the wrong side of the law. He came to our house trying to get money in 2021 claiming to be a high school football player from Selma. He looked to old to be in High School and since we had only been in the pandemic for a few months I knew there were no on going fundraisers authorized by the school system. He had no credentials but he was an football jersey that looked about a decade old. He also had a piece of notebook paper and a 20 dollar bill in a clear ziplock bag. I wouldn’t let him in and I called the police. The detective said I was right and they had a couple more of our neighbors that called about him also. I’m fortunate he didn’t get violent with me. I’m not 80 but I’m not far behind. We live in South Smithfield just a few blocks from the courthouse. Hopefully they won’t let him back out this time.

  5. We need the reestablish the death penalty. But as usual, we the hardworking taxpayer will foot the bill to keep him in jail with a life sentence.

  6. There are some things going on with this guy that aren’t being mentioned. What’s going on with his family? No father in the home I bet. His life? Drug abuse and gang activities I’m sure.

    • He lived with an uncle who had tried to help him, from what I understand. I live in that neighborhood. He had tried to force his way into a neighbor’s home but the police came before he did harm. He is a very troubled individual who should have already been in jail. It’s such a tragedy that Mr. Slocumb was on the receiving end of such evil.

  7. Martin is an old friend of mine from highschool, he has always been troubled and had a hard life. He use to be a really good individual but life happens. I hope he gets the help he needs.

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