Benson Man Scammed

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is alerting citizens to be aware of telephone scams especially if they seem too good to be true.  One scam cost a 58 year-old Benson man $3,220 over the course of a month.

On November 6th, the victim said he received a call saying he had won $750,000 plus a new car. The only thing he had to do to claim the money and vehicle was to pay for the taxes on the winnings.

Between November and December 5th, the victim sent several Western Union payments ranging from $120 to $450 to the fraudsters, who each time continued to demand more money for taxes and fees.

After the victim had sent in a total of $3,220 he realized he had been scammed and alerted authorities.

Authorities say watch out for telephone and internet solicitations that asks for a lot of personal information, pressures you to answer questions or pay a fee immediately, or the prize suddenly changes or can go away if you don’t agree to pay money.

Legitimate sweepstakes never ask you to pay a fee to participate or claim a prize, especially for contests you don’t remember entering. Never wire any money. Avoid any tactics that pressure you to act in a hurry. Never give the caller personal information including bank account numbers. Watch out for “winning notifications” that arrive in bulk mail, may pose as a fictitious national organization such as a National Sweepstakes Board, and sweepstakes that claim you have won a prize but don’t know your name.  And if it seems too good to be true, if probably is.